How to Make a Baby Cradle Mattress


Most of the ready-made cradle mattresses today are of mediocre quality. If not, the comfort and the support it provides are just not enough. Babies need the best quality of sleep as this is the time their bodies take to develop.

You can make your own mattress if you cannot find the right one from the stores. It is pretty simple as long as you know a bit of sewing and you have the materials with you. Here is a guide for you.

Step 1: If you have already bought a cradle, use its mattress as your guide. Get Manila paper and then use the mattress as a guide. Lay it over the Manila paper and then use pencil to trace its contours. If you only bought the cradle with no mattress in it, just measure the sides of the cradle and use a ruler to draw a patter from those measurements.

Step 2: Get another pattern paper and then lay the first paper over it. This time, make a pattern but put half an inch of allowance on all sides. This will serve as your guide on where to sew.

Step 3: Now get the foam you want to incorporate in the DIY cradle mattress you are making. Lay the first pattern over the foam. Use pins to secure the pattern on the foam. Get sharp electric knife or any sharp knife to cut the foam. Trace the edges carefully. When done, remove the pins and the tracing pattern.

Step 4: Choose a cute and attractive fabric as a cover. If the fabric is too thick and two big, cut it into two equal portions. Put the second pattern over the other fabric and then secure the edges with pins. Do the same for the other half of the fabric. Cut the edges of the fabric in the exact same size of the pattern.

Step 5: Now you can saw the mattress. Remember the half an inch allowance you allotted? You should sew it together with the other part of the fabric. On one side of the fabric, sew a zipper.

Step 6: Once done, you can now put the foam inside. Zip the cover and then place the mattress in the cradle.

It is like making pillows. You just have to be precise in measuring the mattress so you can make the right size of mattress for your baby.


Source by Alan Cassidy

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