Privacy Trees


Your backyard is your own personal oasis, somewhere you go to relax and soak up the sun. What if you have pesky neighbours who are always hanging over the fence asking to borrow something or if you live near or on a busy street? To keep your backyard private, you may want to consider privacy trees.

Like with anything, proper planning and doing your homework beforehand will help you immensely when you go to choose and ultimately plant the trees, but all the hard work will pay off once you have a lovely set of trees to help block the noise and keep your yard private. Privacy trees also help to improve the quality of your yard and help to protect your landscaping from extreme weather since they help to block the wind, rain and snow that may cause havoc to your yard.

There are some questions to get you started that will help you choose the best trees for the job. First, are you looking for evergreen or deciduous trees? Evergreens will be green all the time so you have year round coverage and deciduous will help cool your house in summer as they act as shade trees and allow the winter sun to penetrate your windows in winter allowing your house to stay warmer.

Second is do you want the trees for privacy only or are you looking to add texture, foliage and flowers to your space? Remember evergreens need less pruning than deciduous trees do and you won’t have to pick up any leaves come fall with evergreens.

The third question is how much square footage are you looking to cover? Will the trees go all the way along the back of the house or will you use them as a backdrop in one area and not at all in another? How big is the yard and how dense do you want the area to be once planted are also both valid questions.

Once you know your plan remember to plant trees at least 10 feet away from your house foundation and for dense coverage plant them 2 feet apart. Make sure you leave enough room for root growth over time and check for local restrictions if you are planting near wires or sidewalks.

One more thing to keep in mind is fast growing trees tend to have a shorter life span than those slower growing varieties so choose your trees wisely.


Source by Amanda J Hales

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