GPS Security And Privacy – Pros Vs Cons


As you may well be aware, there are many important benefits to consider when using the Global Positioning Satellite System (GPS). It is invaluable when trying to navigate in unfamiliar areas, but some people think it is an invasion of privacy. Security and privacy have been openly debated, and most adults believe that it is more beneficial than detrimental.

GPS tracking devices can provide monitoring data on a vehicle such as total miles driven, speeds that it was driven, traveled routes, as well as its current location. The sophistication and quantity of available monitored data varies depending upon the system and the make and model of the GPS device and vehicle of installation.

This is also widely regarded as an invasion of our personal privacy. To give one example, a standard rental car contract will often stipulate that if you go over 79 miles per hour, you will have to pay extra for the wear and tear that the car suffers. The car rental company can find out if you are going too fast by receiving information from the GPS tracking devices that are attached to the vehicle. Thus, if you go over 79 miles per hour, they will know, and you will be billed.

Frequently, parents believe that GPS security and privacy issues are minimal in comparison with the security of knowing the location of their child. In fact, some parents use GPS devices to monitor their child’s location and activities. If their child fails to follow the parents’ guidelines, these parents may opt to suspend driving and socialization privileges.

GPS cell phones no longer require people to purchase expensive hardware to track a loved one. Cell phone companies now offer this option. However most cell phones do not offer the user direct access to the GPS data. Accurate location determination requires the assistance of the wireless network, and the GPS data is transmitted only if a 911 emergency call is made.

Cellphones raise lots of privacy issues. Consumers are often not aware that their movements are recorded and tracked. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) reveal a person’s location. This type of location data helps police with their investigations, such as tracking down a criminal or even someone who is lost or missing. They can act as a safety device to protecting your family and loved ones. Location technology also helps locate stolen cars. The technology for these tracking devices is constantly improving. However, there is some potential that tracking data can be misused.


Source by Brad Seabourne

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