WCW Natural Form Air Mattress Reviews


Made famous by their portability when first introduced to the public, the airbed mattress skyrocketed into top rankings as one of the most preferred mattresses in recent years. The bed’s adjustable feature became the most important innovation for airbed mattresses. They are also the reason why the bed is slowly carving a household name for themselves across the globe.

Three of the best Airbed mattresses that are receiving excellent mattress reviews from consumers today are the Sleep Number Airbeds by Select Comfort, Comfortaire’s Airbed product lines and The WCW Natural Form Airbeds. The beds were rated by Comfort Satisfactions, BBB Ratings and Product Warranty. Among the three, WCW Natural Form got the most positive overall responses from the consumers. So what do you know about the product? For this article, let us focus our attention to WCW Natural Form.

WCW Natural Form

The Product is a division of CWC. The company began to manufacture the product with three key elements to good sleep in mind. Spinal alignment, pressure relief, and temperature control. The product was initially produced to provide medical institutions with the comfortable beds that patients can use for optimum recovery while avoiding bed sores from occurring, especially to bed ridden patients. The product quickly found its way to Hilton Luxury Hotels and received popularity from the hotel’s guests.

Three Key elements of the bed discussed

Pressure relief

Unlike most power pump Airbeds, where you need to manually adjust the volume of air to conform to your body weight using a digitally remote control panel or device, the Natural Form has this unique ability to sense your body weight and adjust the firmness automatically according the body’s firmness requirements to successfully spread the weight evenly, thereby removing the risk of putting on too much weight on a particular pressure point more effectively. And unlike manual adjustments, the automatic air motors works silently and faster. And since you will not need to test the firmness and adjust them every time you use them, the bed is more user-friendly than the rest of the competitions.

Proper Spinal Alignment

Good spinal alignment are achieve better because this mattress has the ability to properly displace the spinal structure evenly above the surface, which is important and impossible to achieve in other airbed mattresses unless you can find the right firmness for your body weight using the manual remote. The bed’s surface actually conforms to the spine instead of the other way around. The secret to this can be found inside the mattress. Each bed is made up of separate air cylinders which help obtain excellent support and comfort. The 18 independent air cylinders are placed inside the especially designed sleeves which are measured in exact width, length and set apart from each other in equal terms and inserted with separate valves, the air is pumped automatically into the separate air cylinders according to the weight placed directly on top of them. For example your lower back hit the middle cylinders, these cylinders will then be pumped automatically with air to conform to the firmness requirement of that part of the body according to its weight, thereby keeping them in their proper alignment. This is the only self-adjusting technology out in the market today.

Temperature Control

The mattress uses wool as its major feature. The wool has the natural ability to regulate the body skin temperature. This material is a grown product and is used by several mattresses brands which made them a not so well-kept secret. The best feature of the wool is their unique ability to emulate your body temperature naturally and will absorb the moisture in the air or from your body for that matter. This inherent ability of the wool keeps your body dry and comfortable even under hot weather conditions. And you don’t need to worry about the moisture they sucked inside the mattress because the wool expels the moisture after removing your body from the bed, which is part of their normal behavior.

Other Appeals

Natural Form uses only top quality materials so they are very durable over-all. They are covered in 100% All Natural Merino and washable down wool, they are clinically-proven to relieve body pains as testified by hundreds of hospitals across the country where the products are being featured. The product has a non-prorated 20 years warranty and 90 days trial period to test them and think about closing the deal or turning it down. The product which is rated A+ by the BBB is usually sold starting from;

  • $1,772.00 (Twin 38″x75)
  • $2,508.00 (Queen 60″x80″)
  • $3,085.00 (King 76″x80) MSRP


Source by Kim Hoffman

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