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The Simmons Bedding Company was founded in 1870 by Zalmon G. Simmons, and in 1876 the company began manufacturing woven wire mattresses. Early Simmons mattress advertising campaigns included the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. Simmons marketing proved successful and over the years they introduced many mattress lines including the now famous Beautyrest.

Today the main Simmons mattress series include:

The Beautyrest (including the Beautyrest Black) – these are innerspring mattresses and use the famous pocketed coils.

The Natural Care – these are eco-friendly hypoallergenic latex mattresses.

The ComforPedic – these are predominantly memory foam mattresses using Simmons NxG memory foam.

The Simmons Kids – these are mattresses designed for babies, toddlers, kids and teens.

There are other less well-known Simmons mattress series as well, such as the BeautySleep and the Comfort Advantage. Each of the main mattress series includes several models and a general description follows.

The Beautyrest series includes the Classic, the Anniversary, the World Class, the Exceptionale, the NxG, and the flagship Beautyrest Black. The entry level Beautyrest is the Classic and the top-end of the series is the Black. The Beautyrest Black uses luxury materials such as silk, wool, alpaca, memory foam and natural latex. It also uses an advanced pocketed coil design that is slightly different from other Beautyrests. One may wish to read comprehensive Simmons reviews to get more detail on specific models.

The Natural Care series was launched in 2006 and these are eco-friendly mattresses. This is a small collection with models Latex Model One, Latex Model Two, and the All Latex Model Three. They all use natural rubber tree based latex and come with a 20 year limited warranty. Model Two and Model Three also use a soy enhanced base foam for added comfort. Rubber tree based latex and soy are natural, biodegradable and durable. Also, Simmons claim that their rubber comes from sustainable, renewable and protected rubber tree plantations.

The ComforPedic range of mattresses was launched in 2007 and is fairly large with 8 different models. These include the ComforPedic Loft, Original, Nassau, Natural, Mystere, Nuvo, Ariana, and Capri. These are memory foam mattresses and they all use Simmons Next Generation (NxG) Memory Foam. Simmons claim that NxG memory foam has overcome the two major historical problems with memory foam: heat retention, and slow deformation recovery. Some ComforPedic models also use layers of latex for additional comfort and support. Warranties differ from model to model but are typically 20 to 25 years.

Simmons Kids models include the Slumber Time, Beautyrest Beginnings and Soja Dream Haven models. The Slumber Time is an innerspring mattress and there are different models for age groups 0 to 4 (babies and toddlers) and 4+ (kids and teens). The Beautyrest Beginnings line of mattresses is also subdivided by the same age groups and there are several models within each age group. The Beautyrest Beginnings mattresses are pocketed coil spring mattresses. The Soja Dream Haven mattress is eco-friendly and only available for babies and toddlers (0 to 4 years). They have a soy enhanced core and use a number of other naturally derived materials.

In recent years Simmons has introduced quite a few new mattress lines and it is likely we will continue to see new lines come to market while some older ones disappear. The company has been around for some 140 years and despite some difficult times during the recent economic downturn they will likely continue to manufacture mattresses for the foreseeable future.


Source by Emily Choulasco

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