Dream Helm – Can the Paladin Really Stack Auras Or Synergize Them? Yes But There Are Limits (Part 2)


Dream is a Runeword used in Helms and Shields. It requires an extremely rare Rune in the form of JAH. All characters can use a Helm or Shield with the Dream Runeword in it, but Paladins benefit the most due to having synergistic skills in regards to the Holy Shock Aura provided by Dream.

Technically, any character can equip themselves with a Helm/Shield Dream Runeword. But Paladins benefit the most, because only they would be able to level up Holy Shock’s twin synergistic Skills: Resist Lightning and Salvation. By having high levels in each of these two Skills, they can really ramp up the damage of the Holy Shock Aura provided by Dream.

+20-30% Faster Hit Recovery (varies)

When your character gets him, there are a few frames of animation. If your opponent hits you for 1/12 of your hit points or more, you also run the risk of being stunned. Faster Hit Recovery helps your character recover from being hit by their enemies; the more you have, the faster you can recover from blows and dish out your own damage.

+10 To Vitality

Not a big amount by any means, but still handy to have those extra hit points in a fight.

Increase Maximum Life 5% (Helms Only)

+50 To Life (Shields Only)

Both mods increase life, dependent on whether you form the Dream Runeword in a Helm or Shield. Obviously if you have over 1000 hit points, it would be more advantageous to create Dream in a Helm. However, it would very much depend on whether you have another Helm/Shield that provides better stats and mods to your character.

All Resistances +5-20 (varies)

Dream also offers players a small boost to All Resistances.


The Dream Runeword is attractive to Paladins who already have maxed-up levels in both Resist Lightning and Salvation, and wish to make use of the Holy Shock Aura Dream grants. Other classes or builds will find that the small boost to Life and All Resistances does not justify the high cost of Dream.

Note: As of Patch 1.13, equipping both a Helm and Shield with the Dream Runeword will no longer stack the Holy Shock Aura to Level 30.


Source by Dan Massicotte

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