Are You a Geriatric Contractor?


Traditional brick and mortar companies have long held fast to their same forms of advertising. The phone book advertisements, the newspapers, fliers and bullion all have seen their day when it comes to advertising your business. The people who still use these archaic methods to promote their lively hood are known as “geriatric advertisers”.

The tables are turning very quickly in the advertising world… big businesses have been rocked back on their heals trying to grasp the new strategies that they must incorporate in order to survive in today’s congested consumer mind. Your business should have the same concerns as it looks forward into the future.

In the service industries about 75% of the companies that have a shingle hung in any number of given niches are not using or focusing much attention on the impending economic slaughter they are headed toward. With out a plan to catapult your service or contracting business into the future it is almost certain that you will miss the money train as it shoots past your company.

This plan needs to incorporate new technology that will not only slash your advertising budgets but also put you firmly in control of your economic future.

Your company should certainly be adverting online, if you are one of the unlucky few who have been bamboozled into having a web page created that does not work for your company, don’t write off the internet as being an invaluable tool for your business. With the proper guidance you can find plenty of ways to profit from advertising using technology to drive leads and sales to your virtual door step.

Most contractors don’t have the time to learn how to effective use the internet to market their business. While there are some advanced strategies on how to go about doing this, it’s a good idea to start off much smaller then lauching a web site. You need to make certain that you are listed in the free directories in your area. This means that you should think of your own trade and then think like a home or business owner. What would they type into find your service?

In most cities you will see a few businesses that are posed at the top… usually under some sort of phone book advertisement.

For the Time being the Phone Book companies typically don’t charge to be included in these areas..there are exceptions however and certainly in the future as every thing moves online I’m certain that they will begin charging much more…but for now it’s free…take advantage of it while you can


Source by Matthew Shields

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