Serta Sheep Slippers – a Review and Brief History of Creation


Serta Sheep Slippers are a specialty character slipper that has taken the world of footwear by storm. These cute and plush slippers have the figure of the Serta Mattress Counting Sheep on them. They were originally created as gimmicks give away by the Serta Mattress Company. The company had thought that the idea of making their counting sheep that they use in their television commercials would be a cute parting gift as someone left their showroom after purchasing a new mattress.

The slippers started off as just a plain flat bottom slipper with a simple likeness of the Serta Sleep Sheep on them. Then as more customers told their friends and family members of the sweet little gift they got when purchasing their mattress, something strange began to happen.

Within a month of the last of the first batch of Serta Sheep Slippers being handed out at the Mattress stores, people started coming in to see if they too could get a pair of the cute little Serta Sheep Slippers. This was a course of action that had not been anticipated. Yes, it was true that people responded positively to the advertising using the Serta

Counting Sheep but who would have thought that a simple pair of slippers could bring in new prospective customers.

Once the popularity of the Serta Sheep Slippers became realized it was really a no brainer. They would need to start producing more of these slippers. The slippers became such a popular item people would get them with a purchase of a new mattress set and then turn around and sell them on eBay.


Source by Sean Scottsdile

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