How to Choose the Best Feather Bed


Feather beds have been around since the 14th century and their popularity has not diminished since that time. In fact, some of the best hotels in the world provide down bedding that is an indicator of luxury and comfort. If you want the same comfort and luxury for your own bed, you need to know how to choose the perfect feather bedding that will offer you a ‘royal’ night’s sleep. Keep in mind that most people choose to place one of these fine feather accessories on top of their existing mattress although it has been a European tradition to use these beds as the only mattress used.

Here are a few questions that many people ask when searching for the best natural feather bedding to given them a superb night’s sleep.

How do I use this type of mattress?

Most people choose to place one of these fine feather accessories on top of an existing mattress although it has been a European tradition to use these beds as the only mattress used. It is really a matter of preference although it is obvious that there is more body support when this accessory is used on top of another mattress.

How do I know which is the best quality?

It is commonly accepted that Hungarian goose down is the absolute best fill in the world to use when manufacturing mattresses. The material is usually harvested during the molting season of the bird and is usually hand harvested by quality manufacturing companies. After gathering the material, it is then separated into the various quality levels to be used accordingly. Better quality material is harvested in clusters and the bigger the cluster, the better the quality. Many manufacturers harvest the clusters by hand which is obviously tedious and time consuming but insures a higher quality product for discriminating consumers. Be sure to find out what type of feather or down is used in a product as well as how it was harvested if possible.

Know Your Fill Power

Fill power is basically the amount of down that is stuffed into the designated space of the mattress. More cubic inches is needed for higher fill power which in turn provides more warmth and loft according to manufactured fill power. You should look for a product that is designed with high fill power that allows the material to reach it maximum loft. To make this easy, just look for mattresses that are designed with the baffle box design. This keeps all the fill in place while also allows for maximum fill power. The baffle box design is simple square areas sewn into a mattress which looks similar to quilting. The squares trap the fill in each area and maximizes its effectiveness in a sleep accessory.

Problems with Down and Feather Bedding

While down and feather mattresses are the pinnacle of luxury for many people, there are also issues to consider when purchasing this sleep item.

  • Down and feather fill compresses over time which is difficult to avoid no matter what the quality. It is good to remove the mattress from time to time to fluff and flip to the other side. Even though there is a compression problem, this type of bedding material is very durable and has been known to last over 50 years or more.
  • The material easily wicks or absorbs perspiration, body oils and moisture when incorrectly washing. This can be avoided by using the proper cover for your feather bed as well as cleaning correctly. The positive side is that the material provides a superior surface that normalizes body temperatures whether the climate is cold or hot.
  • Allergies are sometimes an issue. If you have known allergies to natural materials such as down or feather fill, it would be best to choose another type of sleep surface.

These are some of the most important issues to consider when choosing the best feather bed for you or someone in your family. Remember to get adequate answers to your questions before investing in your mattress and you can be assured of purchasing the absolute best sleep surface.


Source by P.S. Orr

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