Fix Blue Screen of Death


Was in the office with my highly qualified Chartered Accountant friend, when he told me, "Sherman Sherman Sherman, this is the 5th time its happening today". He had been using Tally to do the balance sheet while being plauged by the infamous "Blue Screen of Death."

From my experience the Blue Screen of Death is solved by 1 of 2 things. No 1 is by fixing any conflicts in the registry due to conflicting software programs. Other way is by changing the RAM.

Initially, we purchase a new 1 Gig of RAM and all seemed fine..for a while at least. Then the unfortunate happened. My friend, lets call him Mr CA, did not save the figures, (and trust me, if you done accountancy, there are a lot of numbers and tiresome data entry stuff to key in.) And it was back to square 1.

"Sherman, do something." Well, it seemed the RAM change did not go as planned. Funny because it did not quite happen the way we saw it in our mind.

So I started surfing the Internet, and one click led to the next, then to the next. I found a couple of "Registry Cleaners". From the technical explanations provided, registry conflicts are a common cause of the Blue Screen of Death sympton.

Since I had heard of these Reg Cleaner solutions but never tried this approach, I decided to give the reg cleaner ideas a try. Lo and Behold, guess what happened …

I got treated to a nice sumptous lunch that day. So if you are having the dreaded Blue Screen of Death and its proving a nagging pain every time you start up Microsoft word or Excel, use a Registry Cleaner. It may just be the solution you're looking for.


Source by Sherman Choo

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