How to Fix Runtime Error 13


If you understand the concepts of error 339, you will be able to fix runtime error 13, as it will enable you to locate the causes of this error. The run-time error 339 usually occurs when a DLL or OX file is either missing or not registered. This is a most common error which results in the system crashes often.

When it comes to runtime error 13, you must know that this error is due to a malware or malicious software which has come into the computer, or conflict with "Terminate and Stay Resident" programs, or similar running programs, or maybe due to conflict with software or memory. The runtime error 13 can result in the errors of Blue Screen of Death, freezing the system, its software and resulting in shutdown of windows. The runtime error 13 is usually seen on the screen as a dialog box with a particular code and its definitions. When you solve the runtime error 13 the software facing this problem will freeze or close by itself, or if it is a serious case, you may have to reboot the system.

Fixing runtime error 13 instantly?

1. Launch security scan and run it on the computer. On launching you will notice if there is Trojan or virus, destroying the DLL files, the system refuses to detect the file, and the screen will flash error 217. Thus it is necessary to get rid of all viruses in the system, and keep it clean.

2. You may have to reinstall the application which is resulting in the error 13. If you cannot do so, try to reach the website of the software program, and download the updated software and replace it.

3. To fix the run time error 13, fix the registry errors first. Though the anti-virus software removes the virus, it cannot repair the registry. In such a situation download the repair tools of the registry to fix the runtime error 13, which will eliminate future runtime errors as well. For fixing missing, malicious or invalid entries in the registry, Registry cleaner is the ultimate source, which will also take care of other errors of the system errors resulted by the registry, and enable your computer to be free of errors and perform in optimum condition .

You will realize that ultimately the fixing of error 13 is a job which you can handle by yourself, without seeking outside intervention or help. All that is required is to put on your thinking cap, go through the problem, understand it, and fix it easily! If you cannot spare time for this, call a technician, pay up for a thing which you could have done by yourself.


Source by Hason Lacny

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