FTC Or Comcast – Who is Right?


Recently in one of the discussion forums that I participate in, the court case involving Comcast and the FTC was brought up. It was being used as shot over the bow of Net Neutrality. The basics are Comcast was trying to control the speed and flow of traffic from a very video heavy site. The site went to the FTC and initially the FTC ruled in their favor, but Comcast appealed and one. Although I don’t believe Comcast are a bunch of “good guys” anymore than any other profit driven company (yes, that would be any company, they do need profit to stay in business). I certainly don’t want the Gov’t meddling and telling a private company how to provide access.

Well, I was accused of acting like China and that really didn’t sit very well with me. So I have a right to defend my position and you have a right to agree or disagree (just no name calling okay). So feel free to engage here or at the forum. Below were the last words that I left. I was responding to the fact that at least we still get to vote for our politicians. Yes and we hope it stays that way. The point is the Gov’t shouldn’t be telling a private company how to run their business. Now, they should make sure monopolies don’t exist so that there is competition, they should make sure laws are followed, they should make sure a company doesn’t pose a threat to the global economy (oops on that one), and they should allow a company to fail when it goes against the market (oops again).

I’m not saying their shouldn’t be protections. But rarely do the Gov’ts efforts at protection actually benefit you and me. It usually benefits a lawyer or larger company.:O) Let’s take their recent efforts to protect us from evil overdraft fees. So no more overdraft on Debit cards. And now, most credit cards companies are beginning to charge for the credit cards again plus most incentives like rewards are being drastically reduced or eliminated. The people who took care of their balances and managed them properly are being punished. The fact is a company isn’t going to give up profits without a fight. That is a company’s job. To provide profits for their shareholders who are the people putting their money on the line. But when the Gov’t removes the risk of failure (AIG, Goldman) stockholders have nothing to fear and then don’t hold the companies accountable.

And yes, we can boot out all of the politicians, but that takes time, meanwhile we have to live with the laws that are being passed. And most of those laws don’t benefit the majority of hard working Americans. They end up benefiting a few hard working lawyers and lobbyists. :O)

I’m just saying we really want the Gov’t to be involved to the least extent possible, not the most. Every inch you give them becomes a marathon. And I agree the same is true for companies and their greed. But when a company goes too far (Enron, Toyota(?)) the market will take care of them. When the Gov’t goes too far we end paying for it (AIG, GM, Chrysler, BofA, etc.)

So there you have it. Please leave your comments. Or hop on over to the forum.


Source by Chris Duncan

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