Simmons Beautyrest – How Does it Compare to the Competition?


Simmons Beautyrest is one of the most popular innerspring mattresses available.

But how does it compare in terms of comfort to other popular mattresses, such as Serta and Sealy Posturpedic? And how does it stack up comfort-wise compared to memory foam beds, air mattresses and waterbeds?

To find out, I spent hundreds of hours scouring through dozens of online forums, message boards, shopper websites, etc. assembling data from more than 1,600 people regarding what they think of their beds. What the study results reveal is quite interesting.

How Beautyrest Compares to Other Innerspring Mattresses

According to my research, 44% of Simmons Beautyrest owners indicated that the mattress was comfortable. This percentage is lower than Serta (45%), Kingsdown (52%) and Sealy Posturpedic (65%).

Simmons Beautyrest scoring below the other brands largely because it seemed to have more of a problem with sagging. In other words, many owners reported that the mattress lost support and comfort within three years of purchase because it sagged and / or left body impressions.

How Beautyrest Compares to Memory Foam and Other Types of Mattresses

Simmons Beautyrest did not fair any better against other types of mattresses, according to my research. Memory foam beds (such as Tempur-pedic), airbeds (such as Sleep Number) and waterbeds beat the Beautyrest in terms of comfort by a significant margin.

These other types of mattresses also tend to have other advantages over the Beautyrest. For example, they tend to have more durability, do a better job of discouraging dust mites and allergies, and have little if any need to be flipped.

Despite my research findings regarding the Simmons Beautyrest, it still may be the mattress that best suits you personally. So keep it on your list, but remember its shortcomings and disadvantages.


Source by Nick Robinson

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