How To Choose The Right Foam Mattress For Your New Bedroom?


If you want to have a pretty productive day ahead, get enough sleep at night. Getting a 6 to 8-hour sleep can give you benefits the next day, especially if you are sleeping in the comfy memory foam. It can definitely give you good mood without the ache in your back.

A mattress can be comprised of any of these – polyurethane foam, commonly-used latex rubber, visco-elastic memory foam, or a combination of any of these. Placing it over a bed frame is mostly used, though there are some who prefer just placing it straight on the floor. The quality of a mattress and the materials used to build it determine its price.

Memory foam mattresses are denser if compared to the other kinds. To increases the viscosity and density, chemicals are included during the process. It is said to absorb the body heat and forms itself to your body’s shape for maximum support. Even if it is heavier, a lot of people still choose this kind, especially those who are having back problems.

Some new mattresses give off a certain chemical smell. Taken from mattress reviews, some said that its odor is like the smell of wet paint. For people who are sensitive, this may cause certain irritations and allergies. To lessen the smell, you can leave it and expose it to air for a few hours.

These mattresses are basically hypoallergenic. House dust mites and mildew will only have a very low chance of appearing, making it an ideal mattress for those asthmatics and sensitive to respiratory infections. But you must not leave babies and small kids unattended in the mattress as they might get suffocated, making it difficult for them to turn around and move.

If you are a couple who wants a bigger bed or a smaller family with one child, the memory foam mattress queen is the perfect size. Its dimension measures 60 x 80 inches, which is just right. The firmness of the mattress can be customized according to your preference. Some like it firm, while others prefer a softer support.

If you have a large bedroom, you can get the king size memory foam mattress. It might be too big for 2 persons, but having 2 more kids can still fit in. Since this is already a big-size mattress, having a more durable bed support is needed, preferably with 5 or 6 legs.

High-quality foam mattresses can last long, which could take 7 to 10 years, depending on the usage. So if you want to get your money’s worth, choose the one with the highest quality. Make sure to never soak the mattress to avoid mildew to build inside. In case it gets wet, wipe the area with a damp cloth or use a vacuum cleaner with a mild surface cleaner. Observe how your mattress is doing, for you to know if it already needs replacement. An excessive squeaking sound or if the springs are obviously poking the surface are some of the signs.


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