Fractional DS3 Lines – FAQs


Fractional DS3 lines are a part of a full DS line leased out to customers at an affordable cost. They are used in large organizations that have to provide multiple access lines for data transfers. Fractional DS3 lines are a good option for companies that allow their employees to work from home.

Have you heard about fractional DS3 lines and wondered what they were? Here are some FAQs that will help you understand what they are, how they work, and how they can help your business.

What are fractional DS3 lines?

They refer to a digital phone line that a customer can lease at partial capacity from the service provider. Obviously, since only a fraction of the line is used, the cost is also considerably lower than leasing a complete line. Usually DS3 lines are offered at 64 kbps for 674 channels. They are also referred to as fractional service as opposed to the ds1 lines that are called point-to-point service.

What are the uses of fractional DS3 lines?

Large companies most commonly use partial DS3 lines for three purposes. Firstly, it acts a link between points on the server and the internet. Secondly, it is used to aggregate several ds1 lines to a single access point. For example, using these lines, 672 dial up connections can be active using a single physical link. The third application of partial DS3 lines is to interface between a distant access controller and the internet.

What are the advantages of using fractional DS3 lines?

In large offices, connecting multiple users to the internet is a challenge and this is where partial DS3 lines help to meet the large bandwidth needs. They facilitate transfers of large amounts of data and are more cost effective than getting multiple ds1 lines (which also allow data transfer at high speeds). Since DS3 lines do not suffer from server lag during transmission as they are connected directly, they take less time to transmit data over the internet or VPN thereby reducing costs and improving overall organizational efficiency. They are also more stable and rarely face technical problems thereby minimizing down time.

Who can benefit from fractional DS3 lines?

Customers who need the extra bandwidth or have outgrown their ds1 lines, but do not still have the need for a full ds line, partial DS3 lines are a good option. They get the additional capacity at an affordable price compared to getting a full ds line. With telecommuting becoming a popular option in companies to cut down on overheads, there is a need to provide multiple access lines which are stable and fast so that data can be transferred from home to office easily and at minimal costs. Partial DS3 lines help meet this need by providing multiple access lines at an affordable cost.


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