Woolrest Mattress Topper for Great Comfort and Luxury


Wool is synonymous with luxury and richness, so organic mattresses made of wool are meant to give the user maximum comfort. It’s not surprising then that people find great solace in the wool mattress toppers to give them the well-deserved rest after a hard day’s work.

Wool is a natural, organic fiber that is best used without bleaching and processing. The chemical process of bleaching takes away the natural softness of the wool, which is why wool is simply washed and scoured before going into the making of a good, natural wool mattress topper. It would not be advisable for you to purchase a wool mattress that has undergone chemical processing because you can be sure that you’ll not be able to get all the benefits an organic wool mattress normally has.

Why should you own a woolen mattress pad or topper?

The advantages of using a wool mattress topper are many:

· Keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter

· Designed to fit your mattress perfectly

· Made from the finest wool to give you maximum comfort

· Use of wool eliminates the likelihood of wet environment, so prevents breeding of dust mites that love dampness. This is a big advantage for people suffering from dust allergy

· Excellent cushioned support to your body contours, so your body is relaxed and blood circulation is enhanced

· Excellent value for the money you pay; in fact, it’s actually more than worth its price

· Is made with a high quality cotton padding to ensure its durability

Organic wool is biodegradable

How does wool help in temperature regulation?

The body temperature of human beings keeps changing with changing seasons. The unique nature of wool is such that it regulates the body temperature according to the environment. Woolen fiber has air pockets that prevent the body heat from escaping and circulate warm air in winter, thus keeping your body warm and cozy, so you get comfortable sleep. In summer, the fibers absorb the moisture given out by the body keeping you dry and cool. This is the reason why you feel cool in summer and warm in winter when you use the organic wool mattress toppers.

Woolrest Double Fleece Wool Mattress Topper

The Woolrest Double Fleece Wool Mattress Topper from Woolrest BioMag is made up of a combination of Downs wool and Merino wool. While the Downs wool adds to the strength of the woolen mattress topper, Merino wool makes it softer.

Is white wool of better quality?

You may be of the opinion that white wool looks very bright and attractive, so should be better than the dull-colored NZ wool. This is a misconception. Wool is normally dull-colored and becomes white only when processed with chemicals. Woolrest double fleece wool has no chemical residue because it undergoes only washing so as to retain its natural properties.

Environment-friendly attitude

The current threat to the environment warrants the use of ‘green’ products in almost every walk of life so that we can make the world a better place to live in. Wool is one of the most organic and natural products you’ll find and if you love Mother Nature, you’d love the woolen mattress topper too. This has a two-in-one benefit in that it gives you better sleep and refreshed energy, protecting the environment at the same time.

No more restless nights and worry if you decide to use the Woolrest wool mattress topper.


Source by Yvonne McCarty

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