Full Mattress, Queen or King: What Size Should a Married Couple Select?


One of the most important decisions a newlywed couple can make outside of the wedding is based in the bedroom. Surprisingly, it isn’t the honeymoon activities or anything similar. It is selecting the perfect mattress to compliment the needs of both individuals. From firm to soft, therapeutic or regular style, the type of mattress that is selected must be something that caters to each individual and their need for comfort. Outside of the decision of what type of mattress a couple will use comes the choices of size. It is a given that a couple could not possibly sleep comfortably on a twin-size bed, so that only leaves three options: full size mattress, queen size and king.

The first thing that should be considered is the size of each individual. A married couple who are both on the slim side would be able to sleep comfortably on a full mattress. However, if one of the individuals is overweight, a full size mattress would not provide enough room for the couple. In that case, a queen or king size mattress should be purchased.

The next item to consider is any physical issues or limitations present. For example, if an individual is handicapped, they may require more room in order to accommodate any special equipment. In that case, a full mattress size would not be the best option as this size of mattress would limit the individual.

One of the main benefits — and also concerns — of a full mattress is that it is not very wide nor long. This forces the couple to lay closer together, which is great if they like to snuggle or sleep within each other’s arms. However, for someone that likes to roll and stretch out during sleep, being on a full size bed is only asking for trouble. No one wants to get slapped in the middle of the night by their spouse while he is turning over.

After the decision has been made on the perfect full mattress size, the couple should try out the mattress by laying down together on it before buying. They should ask themselves if the mattress is soft or firm enough, do they have enough room to move around, and if the mattress is long enough to accommodate their height. If the couple is comfortable with the decision, then there is no reason why they should not make the purchase. However, if there is even a small amount of doubt, the couple should discuss the options available with each other before making the investment.

No matter the size or type of mattress, the trick to selecting the perfect one is compromising with each other. There is no mattress that will be perfect for each individual. It is the job of the couple to meet in the middle and select a mattress that both individuals will be happy with and that can easily obtain a restful sleep. After all, a peaceful sleep equals a peaceful marriage… which can make everyone happy.


Source by S. E. Seoh

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