World of Warcraft, Karazhan Walkthrough – Maiden of Virtue Guide


If you’re looking for a World of Warcraft Karazhan walkthrough and guide for Maiden of Virtue, then you’ve found the best on the net.

Once your raid has slain Moroes, leave The Banquet Hall and walk back out to The Grand Ballroom. Kill any trash that might be in your way by now then make your way through the doorway to the left. The raid will find itself in The Guest Chambers. This is where the Maiden of Virtue lies. There are a couple groups of trash in the hallway that need to be cleared first, but don’t fret – it isn’t that hard. Use shackles on the undead and a warlock can enslave the concubines. With a good tank, a warlock, and a priest the trash is a cakewalk.

Ideal Group Compisition:

1 Main Tank (needs to be crit immune)

3 Healers (1 holy paladin immensely useful)

6 DPS (1 warlock, 1 priest helps a lot with trash)

This fight is quite intensive on healers and DPS because everyone in the raid takes damage this fight. The most common causes of death are Holy Fire and Holy Wrath. I recommend that the raid have no more than 2-3 melee DPS, not counting the tank.

Only one tank is required for Maiden. Many Karazhan raids bring a druid offtank which is convenient for this fight as they can simply DPS in cat form, rather than switch someone out.

Clear the entire hallway. There aren’t that many pulls, and there is also no need to kill the mobs in the rooms to the side (though it is wise to stick to the right so that you don’t aggro them). One of the side rooms contain a book for one of the Karazhan quests, we usually tell people that they need to come back the next day on their own when all the trash will be clear. This happens after the boss linked to that trash is dead.

Buff up, use consumables, then all ranged DPS and healers need to spread out around Maiden, positioning themselves between the pillars around her. All DPS needs to have bandages or be able to heal themselves in addition to health potions. The main tank will go in and tank Maiden where she stands once everyone is ready.

Blessing of Sacrifice must be used by a holy paladin and spammed on the main tank the whole fight. This is because Maiden casts a spell called Repentance that stuns the raid for 12 seconds, however it also breaks if any damage is done to the target. In order to have a healer up during this period so that the tanks don’t die, the Blessing of Sacrifice is necessary so that when Holy Ground (an AoE that hits melee and the tank) ticks, the paladin’s stun will break.

If your raid is without a holy paladin, resto druid heal over time spells kept on the main tank can suffice to get him through Repentance. All of the melee DPS should be able and ready to back out of the AoE and bandage and not always expect heals.

Maiden has two other important spells she casts – Holy Fire and Holy Wrath.

Holy Wrath is a single target damage spell that chains off to nearby members, doing successively more damage. Luckily, this ability doesn’t affect pets. By staying spread out this can be avoided almost entirely.

Holy Fire does direct damage to a single target, then leaves a damage over time debuff on them that deals around 10k damage over 12 seconds. The best way to deal with this is to have a paladin or priest on their toes to dispel it. Mages, paladins, rogues and dwarves may use ice block, shield, cloak of shadows or stoneform to remove it as well. Having a shaman in your raid drop grounding totems helps by eating some of the Holy Fires as well.

Maiden is only a single phase fight, and hopefully you shouldn’t run into too much trouble. If you do, then here are a few helpful pieces of advice:

If melee are dying, Holy Protection Potions can almost completely negate the effects of the AoE

Healers need to cross heal the raid. Make sure that healers have raid frames for the entire raid pulled out.

The entire raid must be kept topped off at full health.

Do not use Amplify Magic, it will greatly boost Maiden’s damage.

Dampen Magic can reduce the amount of the AoE to less than 200 when put on melee DPS. It is probably best to not use it on the tank, however.

Finish off Maiden, loot her, and enjoy your new epics! Have faith, keep checking guides and stay up on strategy, and soon enough you’ll be clearing Karazhan in a single night!


Source by Adam Fox

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