Sex Games – Her Eyes Only: Angel With a Lariat


A “quickie” can make sparks fly in any relationship. Speaking from a man’s point of view, there is something extremely hot and sexy about hiking up her skirt and getting straight to it.

No foreplay. No romance. No bed. Just raw, hot, wet sex.

It quite literally works in every relationship. Now, how about adding some spontaneous excitement to yours? This week, you’re going to take your man completely by surprise.

Of course, before you can boink him, you’ve got to catch him, and that’s where the real fun of this seduction lies. You’re going to do it the old fashion Western way – with a lariat. And you’re going to get him to make it for you.

Early in the week, tell him you need some rope for a special project you have in mind. Not too thick, and about ten feet long. “You won’t mind picking some up for me, will you honey? You know how I hate those hardware stores. Please?”

When Saturday rolls around, ask him to make a lasso – and don’t worry if his Boy Scout skills are a little rusty. A big knotted loop at the end of the line will do just fine. Little does he know, that he’s helping you secure his “demise”. Once he works it out, thank him and take it from him… and then toss it over him.

You just roped yourself a big stallion, and now you get to ride ’em, cowgirl! Drag him over to the stairs and make him sit.

“See this?” Lift your skirt. You have no panties on.

“See this?” Show him a cake timer. Set it to five minutes.

“That’s all the time we’ve got, cowboy.”

Climb on top, and straddle his face. Let him have a quick taste of your nectar – there’s no more powerful aphrodisiac in the world, and I’ll bet you can almost hear a “pop” as his penis instantly springs to full attention.

Tug his trousers down; spread your legs and pull him into you. The intensity of the situation will cause both of you to be more sensitive than usual. You’ll get wetter than you would normally, he’ll be harder than he gets normally. Even if you move slowly without any serious gyrating, he’ll get to climax ready in a matter of a few minutes.

And when the timer sounds off – stop!

Sorry but that’s the rule today. And the rules are extremely important and must not be broken.

If an orgasm doesn’t happen within that time limit, well, you can bet he’ll be hot and bothered for the rest of the day. And you probably won’t have to wait until evening for relief.

There’s going to be so much pent up sexual energy inside of his body, that he may chase you the entire day. If you could plan your little cowboy/cowgirl session on a day that involves you guys going to some kind of social gathering, and you don’t let him finish, he will be practically stuck to you the whole night.

He will be whispering naughty little lines in your ear as you try to keep a straight face. He will send you dirty text messages while you’re talking to other people at the party — – bragging about all the kinky things he’s going to do to you as soon as you get home.

His mind will be so occupied with fantasies that it will seem as if he is ignoring everyone else at the party. But he’s probably just going to be thinking about how he can rope you in, and reset the timer.


Source by Dominic Daniels

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