Will You Wish to Shield Your Social Media Future Brain Chip to Protect From Mind Hacking?


In the future your social networking will not be done by computer or personal tech mobile device, rather you’ll be chipped inside your skull or outside with probes connected to your electromechanical organic organ – your brain. Arthur C. Clarke in 3001 had it partially right, constant contact through a brain cap, kind of an on-all-the-time social network, like the Borg with interconnectedness. Let’s explore this line of rational and Science Fiction concept for a moment if we might.

Now then, where Clarke had it wrong is that the brain cap wouldn’t be anything the size of a half helmet – instead thanks to Moore’s Law it will be extremely small. You might be able to get a PhD and they will insert a gain of rice sized object into your head with the world’s information on that topic, and you’d have an almost photographic memory of it, always there with just a thought. For social networking – well, you’d have a list of friends in your directory, business associates directory, family directory and you’d only have to think of the person, then think of a thought and download that thought into your send box.

Meanwhile, others in your social groupings could send you a thought and when you wanted to engage those thoughts you’d simply think it and those thoughts would burst into your active thought process.

There was an article in Discover Magazine in September of 2012 titled; “Stretchable Stretchy Flexy Future – Materials Scientist John Rogers Can Coax Electronics into Surprising New Forms, Allowing Them to Bend, Warp, and Buckle – or Even Disappear,” by Ed Young.

In that article the author discusses a couple of theories of how all these electronics might interface with your brain. Okay so, this does bring up a another question doesn’t it, namely; if hackers can hack into your email accounts today, even hijack your computer, then tomorrow such a system is at supreme risk of being hacked. Of course, you might have a choice not to engage in social networks, but you’d essentially be exiling yourself from your family, friends, associates, even employment, maybe even voting or citizenship in some countries.

Yet, if you do go for the chip, then you are at risk of mind-control, thought-control, or complete hijacking of your brain, thoughts, and desires, and that my friends is a scary thought indeed, so please consider all this and think on it.


Source by Lance Winslow

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