What Would An Eco-Friendly Mattress Say About a Bachelor


As a bachelor, you may be careful about the types of things you do and the message that those actions say. However, there could be nothing bad about the bachelor who chooses an eco-friendly mattress for his bedroom. In fact, it may just help you to land a few extra glances your way. Consider what would happen if you had a modern, organic mattress in your home, for example. What you might find is that this opens up a new look to who you are.

Consider the Other Options

Before considering what an environmentally friendly mattress might say to those who you meet, consider what the opposite would say. For example, if you had nothing but discount mattresses in your home and they were old and worn, what would a date have to say? She might relate this to the way that you care for the rest of your life. Perhaps you are cheap or maybe you do not make much money. In some situations, it could signal that you simply are not concerned about your health and well being. She might look the other way.

What Eco Friend Means to You

On the flip side, an eco-friendly mattress could give off some positive vibes for the bachelor. Consider the following thoughts that may run through a woman's mind in this instance.

– You have a large queen size mattress that is organic. This is easily noticeable by the feel and comfort of it. She might think that you care about your health enough to invest in this type of mattress.

– Perhaps you have the best mattress and she asks you what makes it so great. You are happy to tell her that it is made of organic wool and soy materials. She is immediately impressed with you.

– You fall into your organic memory foam mattress after a night on the town. She loves the comfort and snuggles up to you in it. She cannot believe the comfort and support that the mattress offers.

– You are talking over drinks when she mentions that she is an organic food nut. She eats only those foods that are wholesome and organic. You understand the importance and you quickly inform her that you have incorporated eco friendly solutions throughout your life including your eco friendly mattress.

– Perhaps you do not have to tell anyone anything. They may see it for themselves. For example, you have guests over to your home for the weekend and they relax in your king size mattresses that are also organic memory foam mattresses. They sleep the best they have slept in their lives. That gives them a new level of respect for you.

As a bachelor, if you want to make a statement about who you are and what you believe in, do it in this manner. An eco-friendly mattress like this is a great way to show that you respect the earth. Pair it with all wood bedroom sets and organic bedding, too.


Source by Ben Weissman

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