Why Do Men Want Privacy and Time Alone For a While? Here Are the Reasons You Must Know


We have all been going on and on about how men want their privacy and their alone time. But most of us really don’t know why men need this time. Here are some of the reasons to help you understand this need.

It’s not about you

Firstly, a man needing his space and alone time is not about you. He doesn’t want to spend time away from you because he doesn’t like you. So don’t make this spending alone time an issue. Just equate it with your need to go to the salon every fortnight.

They need to recharge

Men need their alone time because they need to recharge their batteries. They can’t do that in front of you because they feel that you are not equipped to understand where they are coming from. It does take effort to deal with all your demands and tantrums.

It helps them feel in control

Spending time alone is also important for men as it makes them feel like they are still in control of their lives. Making sure that they never compromise with this time that they have kept for themselves serves as a reminder that they have the upper hand and are in control.

It is a way to assert their untamed spirit

Men believe that they are free spirits and cannot be tied down but relationships institutionalize them. Having this alone time helps them believe that they are still the free spirits and cannot be tied down or chained. But at the end of it all they all go back to their relationships.

It’s a way for self preservation

At times relationships, partners, work and life in general tends to weigh down on a man. IT is only when he can spend time with himself that he can look within himself and remind himself of the man that he was and continue being that man. Once this alone time ends he has to go back to his responsibilities and the different roles assigned to him.

This is their thinking time

Alone time is when men do all their thinking. It is a time that they use to solve all their problems and address all their issues.

They just don’t want you to think that they don’t have anything else to do

Sometimes men just lust after alone time because they have nothing better to do and they don’t want you to see that. Also they don’t want you to know that you are the best thing that has happened to them ever.


Source by Krista Hiles

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