Serta Perfect Sleeper – The Best Innerspring Mattress?


Despite the recent increase in popularity of air, latex, gel and memory foam, the innerspring mattress remains the number one choice for most and the Serta Perfect Sleeper is one of the market’s best sellers. But, is it the best mattress of its type, or would you best be advised to look elsewhere?

Serta remains one of the giants of the industry. The company describes its sleep products as being America’s Favorite Mattress. While this may not be entirely true, there’s no doubting that each year the company manufacturers and sells more mattresses than just about everyone else. However, high sales don’t necessarily mean high quality. Other manufacturers like, Jamison, King Koil, Kingsdown the massive Sealy Company will tell you that their products are the best. So, what to believe?

First, let’s take a look at what you get when you buy a Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress. Coil count is an important consideration in an innerspring mattress. Most of the company’s mattresses come with 532 coils in queen size. This may sound like a high count but other, cheaper brands like King Koil come with around the same number of coils (King Koil also has 532 coils in queen size – the more expensive Kingsdown mattress comes with an impressive 832 coils).

But it’s in not that simple. In addition, you need to pay attention to coil configuration; its gauge, number of turns and how the coils are placed in the frame. The Perfect Sleeper does well in this department. The coils are made of high-tempered steel with high gauges and sufficient turns to ensure that the mattress will give many years of service. The coils are also zoned; there are five zones that give extra support where it’s needed and more give elsewhere.

After the coils you need to compare top and bottom upholstery as wells as the quilting. The bottom layer is composed of a fire-retardant blend of natural and synthetic materials. The top layers are dependent on the type of mattress. The Firm comes with 1″ of high-density foam and 1″ of comfort foam. (Plush comes with 2″ of comfort foam, the Pillow with a further layer of 1 3/8″ zoned convoluted foam, with the Euro-Top coming with a top layer of memory foam).

The mattress quilt is called Advanced Comfort Quilt by Serta. Basically, it consists of rolling peaks of convoluted foam and fluffy fibers. While the quilting is good, I believe the quilting found in other manufacturers, like Stearns & Foster and Kingsdown to be superior, though you will pay extra for these brands.

The Serta Perfect Sleeper is definitely one of the best mattresses on the market (if you prefer innerspring). There are many configurations available, the main being Firm, Plush, Pillowtop and Euro-Top. Unfortunately, these come in a confusing array of names like Sandpiper, Nightstar Wendover Ashwood, Misty Midnight – the list goes on and on. By keeping in mind the more salient points like coils, foundation layers and the type of mattress you can cut through the ‘confusion’ and choose the mattress that will work best for you.


Source by Robin Cassidy

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