When To Consider Unlimited Broadband Plans


If you’re like me and need to be online all the time, the only way to go is to get an unlimited broadband internet plan. Because for a limited broadband, you have to be vigilant all the time with how much gigabyte you’re using with every online activity you do. You will be made to pay charges every time you go over the cap limit and this can be costly over time.

So when do you decide that you need an unlimited data plan? If you’re a heavy internet user who is always downloading or streaming videos or if you’re a family who share the internet and each one of you might be medium to heavy internet users.

Categories of internet users according to internet usage and gigabyte consumption:

1. Light internet user – This kind of user would only require at least a gigabyte of internet data to go about the day and uses less than 10GB in a month. Generally, this is for people who have not based their life in their social activities would be able to peacefully live with a 10GB cap. This data plan will limit the user to just emails and a few internet sites. Downloading a movie will easily consume your data plan’s monthly allowance.

2. Medium internet user – A cap limit of 20GB for the moderate user. You will be able to surf the internet daily, download one or two songs/movies, talk to family and friends on Skype but that’s it. This is really up to you to decide what category you belong to and how much you plan to use the internet on a monthly basis.

3. Heavy internet user – This means a cap limit of 40GB. That’s a lot of room to download movies and stream videos and all that but you still have to be careful not to go overboard or else you will be charged an additional price outside from an already expensive broadband plan. If you’re a heavy user, an unlimited plan would be more recommended to avoid paying additional costs.

4. Unlimited user – Like mentioned above, this would be ideal in a family setting where you really can’t predict how each family member is going to consumer gigabytes in your broadband. You might have a gamer son who consumes at least 20GB of data in a week. Or your daughter’s favourite pastime is surfing the internet and watching movies from Netflix. An hour of streaming can easily cost you 2GB. Or you could be someone whose work is based online and would need to require extensive gigabytes to function daily. In this case, you really cannot predict how much limit you are going to place in your internet usage so it’s best to choose an unlimited broadband internet plan.


Source by Dave E Carter

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