Restonic, Englander, Or Kingsdown? A Comparison of Three Mattress Brands


When you hear the mattress names ComfortCare, HealthRest and Grand Palais, you will definitely say it is a Restonic mattress. If you will hear the BodyDiagnostics Technology, associate it with every Kingsdown mattress. When you’re looking for Nature’s Finest Latex Technology, then Englander Mattress can be a good choice.

But wait! Before you ever decide on the mattress to buy now, why not take a closer look at what makes these three brands unique from each other. Read on and find out facts on the technologies embedded on the mattresses of each brand.

The Technology Found In A Restonic Mattress

As mentioned, there are three types of product names distinct to Restonic mattresses. You will love these products because of the following:

Marvelous Middle Technology. This feature in Restonic’s ComfortCare products made it win the Consumers Digest Best Buy awards seven times. The technology boasts of giving you better body support. It makes the mattresses 25% more durable than regular mattresses you may opt for in the market.

Superedge Plus Technology. This assures you that every mattress in Restonic’s line is surrounded with high-density foams with better edge support.

Spiralok Technology. This is the feature that will make you and your partner have better sleep at night. Spiralok Technology reduces motion interference for undisturbed sleep.

The BodyDiagnostics Technology in a Kingsdown Mattress

If there is one distinct technology to take note of in Kingsdown mattresses, then that would be the BodyDiagnostics Technology. What is this all about? It had been developed for over 15 years to make sure you select the right mattress that will suit your sleeping needs best.

It uses around 17,000 calculations and 18 statistical measurements to help determine the sleep surface you need for the type of posture and body shape you have. You are given the right to choose the right mattress before you order them by way of answering a few questions from the company. A test bed will also be used in the process.

Englander Mattress and Its Finest Latex Technology

Englander has a commitment to the environment. This made the manufacturer introduce Nature’s Finest Latex Technology. What should you expect from this feature then? It contains an Orthopedic Support that conforms to every curve in your body thus giving you luxurious sleep. It’s also like a climate-controlled bed in that you can feel warmer when it’s wintertime and cooler during summertime It can also relieve your pressure points thereby reducing tossing and turning while you sleep at night. Since it is latex, the mattress retains its shape.

With all these great promises in each Restonic mattress, Kingsdown mattress and Englander mattress, you may end up wondering which among the three can be the greatest buy. As described, all of these three have worked hard on their mattress technologies just to deliver the sleeping comfort that every consumer needs. Once you’ve decided to buy a mattress from any of these three brands, you will surely be a winner.


Source by David Patric

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