What and Why is Bandwidth Important?


Bandwidth is the measure of the amount of data that is transferred in particular time interval, usually in bits/sec. Bandwidth is the reason why an Internet user may experience a file or video to download faster from one website and the exact file to take longer to download from another website. Bandwidth also determines how fast a website takes to load. Here we look at why bandwidth is important to the Internet user and more importantly to a website owner.

To understand bandwidth, we first need to illustrate how the Internet works. The Internet is a global system of interconnecting computer networks which consists of millions of users, including you, me, local business, international business and academic institutions. The Internets network is linked via a collection of wires and optical networking cables and technologies. Bandwidth refers to the bunch of wires connecting servers to the network. Files are transferred from the servers through this network of fibres at various speeds. The speed at which data is transferred depends on the grade and quality of the wire. The higher the grade or quality the faster the speed.

As an Internet user you want to be able to access files, websites and downloads quickly. It is therefore important that you have access to the internet at an exceptional speed. Bandwidth is one factor that affects the speed in which your computer connects to the Internet. Your internet service providers, for example, may restrict or limit the bandwidth of your Internet connection especially during peak hours or if they have used their limit for the month. This limited bandwidth will consequently affect the rate at which you can access the internet.

Bandwidth also plays an important role for website owners when building their website and choosing a web hosting service. In today’s society, we live in a “I want everything now” world, where it has been proven that people want their information and answers immediately. For this reason, website owners need to make sure your website has access to higher bandwidth speeds to satisfy the visitors to your site and to also account for times when you may have a lot of visitors to your site at the same time. Most webhosting companies may offer various hosting packages and sometimes the different packages have restrictions on the amount of bandwidth provided. Others though may have enough servers and facilities to offer unlimited bandwidth and therefore are of greater advantage and value.

Overall, bandwidth has an important role to both the Internet user and the website owner. When choosing a reliable web hosting service, make sure you understand how much bandwidth you will be provided with and that this is adequate for your proposed website. If possible, finding a web hosting service with unlimited bandwidth is much more beneficial and saves you a lot of time and money in the future.


Source by Stephanie Ly

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