How to Make a Couch From a Twin Mattress


An average twin mattress measures about 39 inches by 75 inches. There are also those made slightly longer for people who are significantly taller. This is also a good size for a guest bed. But what if you are not using your twin mattress anymore?

Here is one good idea-you can use it as a couch. If it has a bed frame with it, make sure the ends are uniform with each other so it really looks like a real couch. Here are some more steps you can use:

Step 1: Go to the mattress store and pick up bed covers. If you can’t pick an attractive design that will suit well with your living room’s color scheme, you can always make your own. Just follow the pattern of the old bed skirt of your twin bed.

Step 2: Pick pillows, pillow cases and bolsters. It does not have to be the exact same color of the bed cover it can be a different shade. Also get pillow cases with prints so you can mix and match.

Step 3: Now dress the mattress with the mattress skirt and covers. Make sure you tuck the ends carefully so the seams are not showing or the ends are not dangling.

Step 4: Now you can place the bed frame with the long side to be fitted to the wall. The wall will serve as the back rest and the headboard and the footrest will serve as the arms of the “couch”. Place the mattress on the bed.

Step 5: Decorate the mattress with pillows. Prop the pillows to the walls and arrange them in a diagonal way. Mix and match the printed ones and the plain-colored ones. Place the bolsters in front or at the sides of the mattress.

Step 6: You might also want to put decorations at the wall. Put paintings with the same color scheme as the bed so you can tie the color up in your living room. You might also want to add a mattress topper to add height to the couch. This will also give more comfort to the mattress.

If you have guests over, this can again be transformed into a bed. You do not have to purchase a separate bed and a separate couch if you are on a tight budget. This way, you can save much on money plus you can get points for creativity.


Source by Alan Cassidy

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