ThinkPoint Rogue Removal – How To Get Rid Of ThinkPoint Fake Antivirus Program


The " ThinkPoint " rogue antivirus application is currently installing itself onto 100's of computers a day. It's designed to look like a legitimate antivirus program, but its true colors are a lot darker than that – it's a fake program which will do no good to your PC. The type of virus will show you fake results in order to try and influence you to buy the fraudulent upgrade to the software, as well as to steal your personal information from any websites you visit. If you have this virus, you need to get rid of it completely to ensure that your system is able to run as smoothly as possible again.

This malware (malicious software) infection has been designed by hackers to try and extort as much money & saleable information (Facebook account details, passwords & banking information) from your computer as possible. It works by installing the fake ThinkPoint program onto your computer and then using that software to try and con you into believing you have viruses which only it can fix. You should not trust ThinkPoint , and certianly should not buy it. The way to get rid of ThinkPoint is to remove all the parts of the program which are helping it to run. Not many people know this, but the fact is that ThinkPoint is essentially just a software tool with files, settings and options that continually run on your system. To get rid of the virus, you just need to get rid of the various components the software needs to run.

To get rid of ThinkPoint, you need to remove these components it has placed onto your PC:

  • Its "Program Files" ( C: Documents and Settings User Application Data hotfix.exe)
  • Its DLL Files
  • Any Settings it has
  • Any further key-logger programs it has

The way to get rid of the ThinkPoint virus is to remove all the components listed above … and although some technical people may be able to do it manually, the best way to get rid of the infection is to use a "malware removal program "to automatically get rid of all the files it has placed onto your PC. Malware removal tools are popular online for being able to get rid of any parts of the virus that may be infecting your PC – they scan through your entire computer and clean it out completely. We've found a program called XoftSpy is the best to get rid of ThinkPoint – this tool is extremely popular online and has been created by leading software developers in Canada who have made it highly effective. You can use XoftSpy by downloading the tool to your PC, installing it and then letting it get rid of any of the infections your computer may have. This should clear out the ThinkPoint threat.


Source by Greg Kahn

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