Mattress Shopping Tips to Help You Buy the Perfect Bed


Some shoppers enter a furniture or mattress store with a limited knowledge of what they need. Similar to car shopping, this is an unfortunate moment – often, the shopper doesn’t get the right mattress or the right price.

But whether you’re buying a car or a bed, it’s essential to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make the right choices. The following mattress shopping tips can help you leave the store with the best mattress, at the best price!

Understanding Your Needs

If you wanted a sedan, why would you look at SUVs and sports cars? The same idea holds true when you go mattress shopping, which is why it’s critical for you to narrow down your selection a bit:

  • Sizes: What mattress size(s) do you need? Whether it’s for a specific space or not, you should have an idea if you’re looking for a twin, queen, king, or some other mattress size. Measure in advance to know what will and won’t fit!
  • Types: Don’t worry too much about knowing the details of every mattress type. You may have preferences based on your experience, or you could really enjoy the benefits of a certain mattress type – such as motion absorption on memory foam and high-quality innerspring models.
  • Top Brands: Look around at the brands you’ll be dealing with when you go shopping. What brands are you comfortable with? Which ones offer good warranties?

Getting the Best Price

This is where things get interesting. Getting your dream mattress at the right time could be the difference in saving $100, $500, or even more!

There are some inside mattress shopping tips to stretch your dollar to the max:

  • Check the Sales: Retailers like Sleep Outfitters have mattresses on sale regularly. You can keep track of these great sales by checking in periodically, and even watching social media networks like Facebook and Twitter for retailers you trust. You have to strike when the iron’s hot!
  • The Bottom Line: As an extension of a sale, you should look at what you will be getting at the end of the transaction. Many sales will include a free box spring or another incentive, which will lower the overall cost of a new bed – remember that a bed is a frame, box spring, and a mattress (in most cases)! Who doesn’t love low-priced or free box springs, pillows, and more!
  • Peace of Mind: What about financing? What if you find a better price or don’t love your mattress? Top retailers like Sleep Outfitters, once again, will offer flexibility and price/comfort promises to give you peace of mind and a great deal.

Taking It to the Store

What’s left? You must take your knowledge and savvy mattress shopping tips to the store to get your dream mattress!

The most critical thing you can do is experience different mattresses. Like trying out the handling, power, and suspension of a car, you should be looking to test out different mattresses to see what you like best.

Pay attention to the mattresses’ firmness, support, and overall feel. What feels best for your sleeping position(s) and your partner, if applicable? What mattress materials do you enjoy – a polyester and cotton blend or silk and cashmere?

Let the staff help you find what’s right for your needs. Once you put it all together, you will be able to get the best price on a mattress that you’ll love for years. Take it one step at a time to make the right choice for your next dream bed!


Source by Karrie Knopf

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