The Seven Veils of the Goddess – From Illusion to Empowerment


What are the veils that keep a woman from being the Goddess that she is?

Discover seven veils that can block the way to your own personal magic, the empowered, confident woman and Goddess that you are. Let’s journey together, through the veils of illusion to the great Goddess of womanhood within you.

Veil #1 You do not know that you are the Goddess.

As women we are all the living embodiment of the Goddess on earth. We are born female and by that nature, we are alive as the sacred, divine, feminine essence in body, mind, and spirit.

The Goddess is the feminine aspect of God, an opposite but equal kind of power. This essential power of the Goddess is embedded within our feminine psyche. Our range of emotions, our nurturing love, our intuitive sense, and our gentle power symbolize the divine nature of women. In every woman there is a spectrum of emotions so powerful, they are impossible to ignore. The woman is the bringer of life, the divine creatrix lives within her. She experiences the pain of childbirth and all the emotions that bring her through this life and death experience. This is the domain of the Goddess – tears, laughter, rage, sexuality, sensuality, wisdom, pain, grief, joy, nurturing and knowing her purpose. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know this little secret. To know these aspects of being a woman, and to truly honor them as our treasure and our gifts is a powerful key to our happiness. The Goddess lives within all women and men too, she is the embodiment of all we are. The creator of our lives, the spark that ignites us. You are the Goddess, dearest one, now you know.

Veil #2 You are disconnected from your authentic self.

Do you know who your authentic self is? Do you talk to her or do you keep her locked in the basement of your mind, not letting her see the light of day? Does she show up in your dreams, does she nag at you to notice her at the most in-opportune times? Does she unconsciously beg others to notice her with martyr like actions, because you refuse to give her space?

Your authentic self is the inherent truth of who you are within you. She is strong and she is wise, she is passionate and she is potent, she is gentle and she is kind, she is loving and she is sensitive, she is creative and she is courageous, she is so many things, but most importantly she is the truth of who you are within you. Who are you truly in your heart? This is your authentic self. Many women live their lives in accordance to some rules they were taught as children, often through family, school, friends and society at large. Their authentic Goddess self is pushed aside and the good girl emerges. This usually means she has learned to be what others want her to be in order to be accepted for who she is. The good girl, who is as perfect as she can be for everyone else, is the woman who has disconnected herself from her authentic self, her Goddess. Being a good girl is no crime by any means, we are all good girls. We are all innocent and hopeful. We want to show up to life with our hearts open to love and be loved. We are all good at heart, even when it doesn’t seem that way, goodness lies within everybody on earth. The authentic self exists for all of us, you can look for her under one of your veils. Find her, beckon her, discover her, engage her and honor her. Express your true self, it is a gift you share with the world. She is your deepest truth, Love and accept her with all of your heart.

Veil #3 You are disconnected from your Wild Nature.

The wild nature of a woman is the spark that feeds the fire of her life. The wild woman is instinctual, playful, vibrant and alive in every aspect of her life. This wild nature is expressed in so many exquisite ways, most often it is expressed in the manifestation of her creativity, the way a woman sculpts her life. From the clothes she chooses, to the friends she keeps, to the ideas that stimulate her inquisitive mind or her art, to the orgasmic, organic, sensual aspects of her deepest desires. There is no one way of doing this, the domain of the wild woman is ever changing and unique to each woman. As is the world itself is ever changing, so too is the wildish nature. Our wild nature is constantly adapting to these continual changes, looking for ways to emerge out of the depths.

The presence of a woman’s wildish nature is always within her, she is stirring under the veils of everyday life. When we are in tune with our wildish nature, we have the power to create our lives brighter, richer and deeper. We choose our creations from our core, our power, our heart, our instincts. When it is time to break out and break free we know where to go inside of us. Like the Lioness whose instincts are powerful, protective, liberating and in touch with the natural forces of life, the creative wild woman too finds her power from the depths of her wild nature.

Feeding our own wild nature is essential, we need to stay connected to this energy throughout our lifetime, we need to watch out for complacency and stir the pot every so often, this is the nature is that protects and nurtures us. When we can do this for ourselves, then we really have what it takes to care for the world, for all are one, all are our sacred children.

We are all artists in this life, we create the tapestry of our world. The wild instinctual nature is within us, it is our birthright. Nurture your wild nature!

Veil #4 We don’t feel worthy of calling ourselves Goddess.

Something that I learned many years ago which opened my eyes wide, was in remembering my self worth. Each soul that comes to the planet is of equal value to every other soul on this planet. Period. We are all born with the same worth, and every living, breathing second of our lives we continue to be of this great and precious worth forever more, it never goes away.

Each soul embodies a divine spark within it, each of us comes to life with certain gifts to share that are uniquely our own. This is true of each of us, without exception. There is no one greater or less than you – EVER!!! The combination of egg and sperm that made you, the position of the constellations in the sky at the time you were born, the location on the planet where you were born, the cellular memories of your ancestors, the timing of your conception, these are some of the unique factors that come into play in the creation of you. Everything about you is uniquely yours, no one else in the world is the combination of life energy that you are.

You are UNIQUE in every way, it is in your DNA. And you are here to share your valued, priceless and precious gift of life with the world around you. You are a microcosm within the macrocosm that is life on earth, each being is an essential part of the whole. Like the cells that make up our bodies, they all have different qualities and jobs to do, but each is essential to the existence of our lives, each has it’s own unique cell/f worth.

Your self worth can never be taken away from you, it is yours always and it is precious and priceless. Remember that!

Veil #5 We have forgotten our Purpose

Does this sound familiar? Purpose is a funny thing, it can be so elusive and hard to find. We can spend our lives looking for purpose without ever finding it, and then just at the end of life, we may discover we have lived in our purpose the whole time.

Often times we are living our purpose without ever even knowing it. So many of us wonder what our purpose is, we are looking for meaning in our lives and questioning what we are here to do. For many women who are mothers of small children, they know their purpose, it is to raise these little beings into wonderful adults. There is great purpose in this, one of the greatest of all purposes in the world. For those of us who do not have this purpose, or who feel that this is not their only purpose, we can sometimes wander for years and years looking for our purpose everywhere. This is painful and leaves us feeling bereft, and lacking somehow, as if we are missing out on a crucial aspect of our lives.

Here are some things I have been discovering about Purpose:

1) Purpose is within the things you love. Whatever is in your heart is also in your purpose. For some people the expression “doing what you love, and loving what you do” is a part of living your purpose.

2) If some dream or desire that connects to your heart comes back to you over and over again, then take a closer look at the information it is holding for you. Decode it, your purpose may be living under the veils of this dream or desire. It may not be the actual picture that you see in your minds eye, but the essence and feeling you get when you think of it may be. How do you create more of these great feelings in your life? As you follow this path you may find some purposeful living in there.

3) The simplest things that you do and enjoy are a part of your purpose. The smile you share, a small act of kindness, an important message you share. These small and simple things can sometimes have huge impacts that resound around the world. Everything affects everything. If you feel you aren’t making a difference in the world, let me assure you, you are!

4) Your purpose is within you, look for it on the inside. Noone else knows your purpose but you.

Find your purpose, it is calling you.

Veil #6 We do not feel Beautiful enough to be called a Goddess

All women are beautiful!!! Yes we are, we are beautiful in every shape and size we come in, ALL women are beautiful. We have beauty in every cell of our bodies. We have beauty in every truth we speak. We have beauty in every powerful choice we make. We have beauty in our sadness, our anger, our rage and our joy. Our beauty is the light we express from the inside. It is beyond external looks, it is beyond the clothes we wear, the hair styles we have, the height, weight, skin tone we bear. Feminine beauty is lit from within. It is the spark within, the authentic self, the wildish nature, the truth of a woman who knows herself and radiates this truth out of her being. The ‘good girl’ woman may think this sounds egotistical, that it may be improper to think of herself as beautiful. Let that go Goddess, this type of belief could not be more untrue or disempowering. We must nurture and celebrate our beauty everyday, we must learn to infuse ourselves with our own inherent beauty, our authentic lives depend on it. Choose beauty as a daily practice. Beauty is found in the little acts of self love and self care we give to ourselves. An aromatic bath, a good body oil, a walk in nature, eating nutritious foods, these are ways of honoring our beauty. Being in our truth is being in our beauty. There is a famous expression that goes like this: ‘Truth is beauty, beauty truth’.

If you have trouble finding the beauty within you than look for it around you, it is everywhere. Look outside of yourself and see it in the moon, the stars, the sky, the trees, the ocean, mountains, birds, flowers etc. See it and know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That means if you can see beauty, then you are that beauty. A wonderful exercise you can do to enhance your beauty, is to see beauty around you and then breathe that beauty deeply into your body. Breathe it in and connect it to your head, heart, belly, genitals, legs and feet. Stand in your beauty dear Goddess and beauty will bless you from every direction.

Veil #7 We are afraid to Change what we know, even when it no longer serves us.

Change is the only constant we can depend upon, it is an imitable law of the Universe. Consciously effecting change is a powerful and transformational choice. As we consciously choose to change and grow out of our old habits, we connect to our sense of worth and feminine empowerment. Women can spend years of their lives stuck in old habits, patterns and situations that are no longer serving their growth, beauty and authentic existence. This feeling of stuckness becomes debilitating over time, it hacks away at our self-esteem, self-love and self-actualization. On many levels we are denying our true selves when we stay stuck in old patterns, supporting old belief systems that bear no fruit. This can leave us feeling sad and despairing and Stuck in the muck of our lives. We can always choose differently, that is the power of consciousness.

There is a juicy-ness to life when a woman chooses to pursue her power, when a woman honors the Goddess that she is. Everyone woman has the right to know herself as the Goddess, deeply and profoundly. She is the source of magical light within us all, she is the wise inner voice, she is the self-protective shield, she is the essential breath of our lives.

Walk in Beauty, Walk in Balance, Stand in your Power, Follow your Light. You are a Goddess!


Source by Elizabeth Stahl

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