Disposable Mattress Protector Or Waterproof Bed Sheet For Incontinent and Hotel


The disposable bed sheet has been developed with the invention of non woven polymer. Kimberley Clark Corporation was the pioneer in this product in the 60’s. Mostly to help the hospitals and motels to solve the hygienic problems posed by the regular bed sheets.

In the early 70’s new invention have been made to solve the slippery and the lake of waterproof of the materials.

Today the product has reached a certain quality that can fit all the needs:

Waterproof: You can find fitted (or contoured) or pad waterproof sheet or mattress protector. they are very convenient for incontinence problems for elders or child. These regular mattress protector are made with a plastic foiled coated with a sheet of polymer material of non woven. The water protection is total and you can be sure that 100% of the mattress will be protected.

Of course the fitted mattress protector protects as well also the hedge of the mattress and doesn’t move as the pad could be. The problem of this already 30 years invention is it can’t be used in a regular hotel. The noise of the coated plastic sheet was too high and the guests commonly remove it during the night because they can’t sleep.

In 2007 Caractere Paris has improved the fabric used for the fitted sheet by using another material where the plastic is not anymore coated but is integrated with the polymer material of non woven. The noise has been reduced dramatically and it lets it been used in general 3 stars hotels. Major hotel chains as Accor are using them everyday and recognize the comfort and the easy to use of the product. They also improve the hygiene of their bed protection thanks to the on time use of the product. Actually they change the sheet every month and are very pleased with.


Source by Emmanuel Gohet

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