The Relationship Between Disturbed Sleep and a Person’s Emotional Well Being Is an Intricate One


For many of us sleep is something that soothes and restores us after a long, hectic day. But for those who find sleep elusive, the issue is far more fraught with strain. The importance of sleep is reiterated time and again from several quarters.

But people do not make those six to eight hours a priority and have perhaps even forgotten what it is to be truly rested and refreshed. And to further complicate things, caffeine (in coffee), stimulants used in energy drinks, job conditions, decibel levels in an environment etc interferes with the sleep cycle. There is a famous quote by Jules Verne, “Though sleep is called our best friend, it is a friend who often keeps us waiting”. People who have no troubles or fears and can sleep without difficulty at night are truly blessed. But today these kind of people are steadily dwindling and soon sleep clinics would probably be seen on every road in our cities.

Lack of sleep may be due to several reasons – not having a comfortable mattress, room temperature (room being excessively hot or cold), noise pollution in the surrounding environment etc. There are plenty of comfortable mattresses today, all claiming to be the best. And Memory Foam Mattresses are among the best Mattresses available. It is our job to sift through all the Memory Foam Reviews and ratings and find the best Memory Foam Mattress.

The relationship between disturbed sleep and a person’s emotional well being is an intricate one. Research in the field of Sleep Science indicates that people suffering from insomnia, or sleep apnea or other sleep disorders are at a high risk from the development of depression and other psychiatric disorders. Such sleep disorders also affect the brain’s ability to deal with negative emotions and this impairment leads to anger and grief which are again causes of depression and this over time becomes a vicious cycle.

Luckily, treatment for such disorders is progressing, with new advances appearing every day.

Sleep Deprivation limits what you call “improved thinking” in students. Sleep is vital for the cognitive performance in students today. But it is indeed a sad state of affairs that the youth of today do not realise the importance of sleep.

Researchers in the United Kingdom found that sleep deprivation heightens impulsivity to negative stimuli showing more disturbances in the limbic parts of the brain which processes and regulates emotions. In short, when we are tired from lack of sleep, we tend to become impatient, short tempered and depressed.


Source by Scott Braddam

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