Frosted Glass – The Cheap But Effective Alternative

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Frosted Glass film is the easy and cheap alternative to the costly, messy and time consuming job of sandblasting or acid etching. There is hundreds of variation in these decorative frosted glass effects. From standard looking films through to rice paper looking frosted film. This article aims to point out all the options available to you for your home or office.

The first thing to cover is the application of these films. Most Frosting is primarily used for added privacy. It gives privacy day and night which is its main advantage over tint as it only gives daytime privacy. It comes in varying levels of privacy depending on how much light the film lets through and also how much the light gets defused. Most application is due to privacy though many people are looking for a subtle way of adding a little class to their dwelling or place of work.

Etched Film can be used multiple ways. Commonly it is applied to the glass in its standard form or straight from the roll for a more traditional looking effect. As it is usually a vinyl or pvc product the frosted glass film can be cut using a computerised plotter or vinyl cutter in order to cut silhouette type logos, patterns and wording into the film. But with modern printer technology the growing trend is digital printing onto the frosted film. The possibilities are endless with this form of printing from a basic black and white through to photos printed to it leaving a translucent type finish with the added value of privacy and not blocking out to much light.

Some of the basic Films includes

  • Sandblast
  • Acid Etch
  • Glitter frost
  • Silver Etch
  • Rice Paper
  • Milk

Frosted Glass is manly used internally though it is still can be applied externally if necessary. The life span is reducing with external application as it will usually be exposed to the weather and ultra violet radiation. Because of this, high quality film is essential when installing your Frosted Glass in Brisbane harsh external climate. Likewise office petitioning that gets no direct sunlight will last a lot longer.


Source by Pete Mackenzie

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