The Most Common Sleeping Myths and the Facts Behind Them


We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so it’s normal to have a high interest in this natural process. Experts are constantly trying to discover why we need sleep and what happens when we travel to the world of dreams. Let`s find out which are the most common sleeping myths and the facts behind them.

Myth #1 The afternoon nap is a waste of time

If you didn’t get good sleep last night, nothing can refresh you better than an afternoon nap. It will regain your energy and you can complete the day without problems. Be careful, the nap should not last more than 45 minutes because you may be feeling drowsy.

Myth #2 If you can’t fall asleep, just lie down until you are asleep

Thought you would sleep as soon as you put your head on a pillow? Such nights are rare. More and more people are struggling to fall asleep because of stress, anxiety and other problems they face every day. When you cannot fall asleep, it’s a good idea to lie down for 15-20 minutes and give a maximum effort to fall asleep. However, if you are struggling, it’s best to get out of bed because you risk anxiety and frustration. Next time you face this kind of problem – get out of bed and listen to music or read a book. When you feel that your eyes are “falling”, go back to bed.

Myth #3 Everyone should sleep 8 hours per day

8 is not magical, but an average number of hours needed for a person to sleep and function normally. Although Thomas Edison was sleeping 4 hours per day and Bill Clinton claims that 4-5 hours per day are enough sleep for him, the chances you belong to this group of people are small. Experts estimate that only 10% of people are “programmed” to sleep more or less than the recommended 7-8 hours.

Myth #4 Workout before going to bed will make you tired and you will fall asleep easier

A workout will really help you sleep better, but only if you practice at least 3 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, a workout can delay your dream. The reason is that exercise heats up your body and you can easily fall asleep if your body has lower body temperature. After exercise, it takes about 6 hours for the body to return its normal temperature. You should workout in the morning or afternoon, but not at night.

Myth #5 It doesn’t matter what time you go to bed

It’s more likely that “night owls” can have more symptoms of depression than those who go to bed earlier, even when they sleep an equal number of hours. One research shows that going to bed later can not only cause depression but can also bring you a bad mood and affect your overall health negatively. If you want to change your sleeping routine, you should lie down about 15 minutes earlier than the previous night.


Source by Maria Williams

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