Shaman Leveling Build


Not sure where to start with your Shaman leveling build? Don’t worry, this guide has you covered. We’ll tell you what talents to take, when to take them, and why you’re taking them. We’ll also discuss proper Glyph choices for optimal leveling.

5/5 Ancestral Knowledge – More Intelligence means more mana and criticals, and later more attack power

2/2 Imp. Ghost Wolf – Use Ghost Wolf to move quickly to between mobs

3/5 Thundering Strikes – A bit more crit; just get enough to get to the next tier for now

1/1 Shamanistic Focus – Cheaper Shocks means less downtime

3/3 Elemental Weapons – Stronger Flametongue and later, Windfury? Awesome.

5/5 Thundering Strikes – Finish this up now, so you can start on…

4/5 Flurry – A decent improvement in damage, gets better as you get more crit

3/3 Mental Dexterity – Very awesome. Now Ancestral Knowledge is even better, too.

1/1 Spirit Weapons – A bit of survivability and needed for a latter talent

5/5 Flurry – Finish this up now to open the next tier

3/3 Weapon Mastery – Boring but a big damage boost

2/3 Unleashed Rage – Really awesome but the next tier has all sorts of goodies, so wait to finish it

1/1 Stormstrike – Finally a good instant melee attack

1/1 Duel Wield – Double Windfury + Stormstrike means you now do a TON more damage

3/3 Duel Wield Spec. – Counters some of the increased miss rate Duel Wield causes

2/2 Imp. Stormstrike – Now you don’t have to worry about mana much at all; downtime is disappearing quickly now

1/1 Lava Lash – Another melee attack

3/3 Unleashed Rage – Can finally finish this up

1/3 Static Shock – Filler point, mostly; a bit more damage when using Lightning Shield

1/1 Shamanistic Rage – With this you should never experience downtime again

3/3 Mental Quickness – A big damage and healing buff

2/3 Static Shock – Another filler point

5/5 Maelstrom Weapon – A defining mechanic of Enhancement; use it for massive instant damage or instant heals

1/1 Feral Spirit – Use this cooldown frequently; it will destroy pretty much anything you use it on, while keeping you at full health

You’re now ready to move into another tree to finish up your Shaman leveling build. Elemental is the best bet; you shouldn’t need the extra healing from Resto between Maelstrom instant-heals and Feral Spirit.

5/5 Convection OR Concussion – This is dependent on whether you feel mana efficient enough or not.

3/3 Elemental Devastation – This is pretty much an Enhancement talent hidden in Elemental tree

2/3 Elemental Warding – A bit more survivability

5/5 Reverberation – Quicker Shocks. Nice.

5/5 Elemental Fury – Much stronger crits on all of your spells.

So that’s the Shaman leveling build. Obviously you’ll want to go respec now to a true raiding or PvP spec. Now, as for Glyphs, here are the ones worth considering:

Feral – Makes your best spell better.

Windfury Weapon – More Windfury is always a good thing

Stormstrike – In other words, your Earth Shock will hit harder

Lightning Bolt – Nice at low levels when you’re still using this to pull, and at high levels when you’re using Maelstrom Weapon to instant cast it

Shocking – Slightly shorter GCD on shocks. Only useful when you’re actually running into the GCD, though.

As for Minor Glyphs, be sure you pick up Water Walking, and probably Water Breathing. Your third slot can be either Ghost Wolf or Water Shield, depending on how often you use them.


Source by James Rolan

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