Spread the Word and Boost Sales With Custom Stickers


“Word of Mouth” is the most successful mode of advertising, even in the cyber age. But word of mouth doesn’t necessarily mean that your customers have to personally go around spreading the word or promote your business. One of the innovative ways is to spread the word using custom stickers and get new customers. New customers mean a boost in sales.

Why stickers?

Stickers are easy to design, easy to print, can be printed digitally in large numbers, easy to carry, and can be used in a number of places. Custom stickers can be used as a bumper sticker on cars, can be used in bus stops, on store front windows, in trade shows, and can also be stuck on the fridge in the form of a magnet sticker. If one banner will costs you $50 then within the same cost you can have 500 custom stickers designed. This simply means that the visibility created by 500 custom stickers will be much more than a single banner. In a way, your business will get more mileage at $50 if you chose to go with promotional sticker advertising.

Custom stickers have two distinct advantages:

a) It will motivate interaction with the customer who has the sticker or is using it. The sticker will help in keeping your brand afresh in the customers mind.

b) It will ensure that there is a high brand recall value in potential customers

When you are designing stickers, you need to have a concept or strategy in place. For example: if you have a business that sells vacation packages then you need to ensure that your stickers are designed in such a way that they target the right audience and create a level of curiosity. Since, this is the age of custom stickers and digital printing; you can create stickers with different design and text in the same lot. You can define groups like Caribbean Cruise, Bahama Special, Alaskan Wilderness, Rainforest Eco-tours and much more. Stickers in each of the groups will have different text and different images or design or even color. This will ensure that your potential customers are not bored of seeing the same message and same design over and over again. It will also ensure that potential customers beeline for the vacation packages offered by you. The end result – increase in sales!

The second most important aspect is the type of stickers you choose. You can go with different sizes but your primary focus should be on spreading the word – promoting your brand or business. Bumper stickers are probably one of the best ways to promote the word but decals are also quite helpful. Some of the other types of custom stickers that you can choose from include vinyl stickers, refrigerator magnet stickers, vinyl window decals, custom bottle labels, custom die-cut stickers and much more. The best material for stickers is vinyl as they are weatherproof and durable and hence last longer. You can choose from as many as 25 standard ink colors.

The bottom line is that custom sticker are easy to create and inexpensive but they are highly effective when it comes to spreading the word and boosting sales.


Source by Hayi Mansoor

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