Social Media Marketing – Facebook Privacy Settings, They Keep Changing Them!


One of the things with Facebook that consistently changes as they grow and develop is privacy. There’s been a lot of uproar, hoopla and complaining regarding the privacy issues on Facebook recently. One of the things that everyone who has either a Facebook page or a Facebook profile needs to do is to go back and take a look at your privacy settings. Whenever they make a major update, go back and take a look at the privacy settings because sometimes things change. There are five key areas that you really want to take a look at.

1. The sharing on Facebook. Do you want it set at only your friends, friends of friends, or everyone? It really depends why you’re on Facebook just exactly how you’ll set that. If you were one of the people who only wants friends to see what you put into Facebook, then you definitely don’t want that option to be everyone.

2. Facebook lists. I am a huge user of Facebook lists. I absolutely love them. They also can be set so that some people can see some lists, and some people can see others, what you give to each other. If you only want your mother and siblings to see some specific posts, then you can set it with the privacy settings so that only those people can see the posts. You control that through the use of your Facebook lists.

3. If you’re mobile checking into places, definitely, definitely go and take a look at the on Facebook. If you don’t check that one, it could be that your friends could check you into locations. You need to make sure that it’s set so that only you can check yourself into the different locations using a mobile device.

4. Information accessible through your friends. If you’ve got friends who are very lax in their privacy settings, then they could potentially be showing your stuff that you don’t want shown, to other people. You need to control what friends you choose to have the more wide open settings with, or the ones you want locked right down. I’m not going to put a friend of my sister’s on a private list because I know she broadcasts everything to everybody. I don’t want her on my family protected list. Information can be accessible through your friends.

5. The public search. That again is going to come down to why you’re using Facebook, whether or not you want your profile out there for everyone to see. I operate a business on Facebook, so therefore I want to show up in the public searches. You may not want to. Therefore, it’s important that you go in and check to see what the setting is for the public search.

Those are five settings that you definitely want to take a look at. You want to keep going back and checking your privacy settings. When Facebook changes, they just might change too.


Source by Carla McNeil

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