Skill Guide to Fire Mages in World of Warcraft


This is a guide on Mages in World of Warcraft that plan on or what to learn more about the Fire Build and it’s use of skills. Now, I’m going to go, specifically, over the Fire Build in this guide. I would go over all three, but that would make this guide pretty long, and I want to make these guides as specific as possible to what the subject at hand is. As you may or may not know, the Fire build relies on killing enemies extremely fast, since Mages are extremely fragile and die easily. There are some extremely powerful Fire spells in this talent tree that are a must for any Fire Mage, but you can’t get every skill, though you can reset at any time to test what works for you, but this is just the recommended skills for the Fire build! Without further ado…

The first, and most classic skill for any Fire Build is Fireball. At it’s maximum rank, it will do 888-1132 fire damage and an additional 116 fire damage over 8 seconds at max rank. You can get Improved Fireball to decrease Fireball’s cast time by .5 seconds. As a stapel for any Fire Build, you won’t want to skip this. Ignite gives your fire damage spells a boost to critical strikes, causing the target to take an additional 40% of your spell’s damage over 4 seconds at max rank. Another solid talent.

Flame Throwing increases the range of all Fire spells, except Frostfire Bolt, by 6 yards at max rank. Any Mage knows that the more range you get to use a spell, the less likely that you’ll get hit. Incineration increases the critical strike chance of your Fire Blast, Scorch, Arcane Blast and Cone of Cold spells by 4% at max rank. It’s alright if you plan on going very deep into the Fire tree, but it’s not the greatest skill ever. 4% just isn’t enough for me!

World in Flames increases the critical strike chance of your Flamestrike, Pyroblast, Blast Wave, Dragon’s Breath, Living Bomb, Blizzard, and Arcane Explosion spells by 6% at max rank. I know it looks good, but, like Incineration, it takes way too many points for too little of an award. Pyroblast causes 939-1191 fire damage and an additional 356 fire damage over 12 seconds at max rank. Definitely need to get this spell.

Burning Soul reduces the push-back suffered from damaging attacks while casting fire spells by 70% and reduces the threat caused by your fire spells by 10% at max rank. It’s worth the pickup for pvp situations. Scorch damages the enemy for 376-444 fire damage. Doesn’t sound like much? Well, pick up Improved Scorch. This skill will give you Scorch spell a 100% chance to cause your target to be vulnerable to spell damage, increasing spell critical strike chance against that target by 2% and lasts for 30 seconds, and it stacks for up to 5 times at max rank. This is an absolute must for PvE.

Molten Shields causes your Fire Ward and Frost Ward spells to have a 30% chance to reflect the warded spell while active. Also, your Molten Armor has a 100% chance to affect ranged and spell attacks at max rank. Not a great skill, I’d skip it. Master of Elements enables your spell criticals to refund 30% of their base mana cost. This spell gives you back 30% of your spell’s critical attacks in mana. You should get this.

Playing with Fire increases all spell damage caused by 3% and all spell damage taken by 3%. A classic double-edged sword, it’s best used for PvE situations. Critical Mass increases the critical strike chance of your Fire Spells by 6%. You’re kidding me, a skill that raises your fire skills critical strike chance that doesn’t require so many points? Yeah, get it!

Blast Wave damages all enemies caught within the blast for 616-724 fire damage, knocking them back and Dazing them for 6 seconds at max rank. Think that’s it? Well, one thing I haven’t mentioned, is that most of your spells won’t be instant cast, but this one is! Yet another must have. Blazing Speed gives you a 10% chance, when hit by a melee or ranged attack, to increase your movement speed by 50% and dispel all movement impairing effects, the effect lasts for 8 seconds at max rank. Not all that useful for leveling or raids, but great for pvp!

Fire Power increases the damage done by your fire spells by 10% when at max rank. Think about all of the damage additions that have already been gone over. This skill STACKS with them. Pyromaniac increases the chance to critically hit and reduces the mana cost of all fire spells by an additional 3% at max rank. Reduces mana cost AND increases critical chance? Another great skill.

When Combustion is activated, this spell causes each of your fire damage spell hits to increase your critical strike chance with fire damage spells by 10%. This effect lasts until you have caused 3 critical strikes with fire spells. It’s good if you need a lot of damage in short period of time. Molten Fury increases damage of all spells against targets with less than 35% health by 12% at max rank. Anything that adds damage in any scenario is worth it!

Dragon’s Breath is an AoE spell that damages targets for 680-790 fire damage and are disoriented for 5 seconds. Any direct damaging attack will dispell the disoriental effect at max rank. The spell isn’t the greatest, but if you have points handy, no reason not to get it. Impact gives your damage spells a 10% chance to stun the target at max rank. A nifty spell for pvp or soloing. Fire Blast damages the enemy for 925-1095 fire damage. Add on Improved Fire Blast and your Fire Blast spell’s cool-down will be reduced by 2 seconds.

Empowered Fire increases the damage of Fireball and Frostfire bolt by 15% at max rank. A very nice rise in damage makes this talent a can’t miss. Well, that’ll do it for this Mage’s Fire Build skill guide, hope this helps!


Source by Mike Madden

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