Penis Enlargement: Belief And Practices Among The People Of Zimbabwe


Among the people of Zimbabwe there is a belief that the fruit of the sausage tree holds the elixir for penis enlargement. The sausage tree is also known as Africana Kigelia. In Shona belief, the treatment must take place early in boyhood and not later, and the advantage of early initiation does not need explanation.

Further to the sausage tree, there is also a very popular root that is dug from the ground commonly known as “mugondorosi”. It is common to see young boys chewing on this root.

Traditional healers and medicine man, are key suppliers of other herbs and creams in Zimbabwe. Traditional medicine although still highly regarded is often considered unsafe.

However one must know that herbs are effective because they contain the following minerals, vitamins substances to help with penis growth and function. I unfortunately am not aware of the exact ingredients contained in the sausage tree. The following components tend to aid with penis enlargement, so herbs, roots and bulbs containing a large measure of the following listed below may help with penis enlargement:

  • Vitamin B1-improves circulation in the penis
  • Selenium- impact on thyroid gland, sperm production, testosterone
  • Zinc-sperm, testosterone, penis development, prostate
  • Vitamin C-elasticity of penis
  • Vitamin B5-rejuvenation of penis cells
  • Magnesium-production of sex hormones
  • L-Arginine-allows vessels in penis to expand
  • Acetyl L Carnitine-straightening of penis
  • Ginko- increases blood flow to penis
  • Ginseng-has an overall positive effect on the sex glands
  • Horny Goat Weed – bloodflow to penis
  • Iodine-vital for growth and development of the body

However historically, African Kigelia seems to top the list as the real solution for penis enlargement and the most talked about in Zimbabwe. With the advent of modern medicine, the sounding on peoples lips of their desired solution being the sausage tree may not necessarily lead to them using this method. Instead most people would go the creams and pills route.

Indeed I am not aware of adult treatment with the sausage tree. In Science it is not always easy to draw a line between belief and scientific efficacy. But if the sausage tree treatment is mere belief system without scientific efficacy then we must investigate the root of the belief. The sausage tree fruit looks like a mega-penis and how that will cause a penis to enlarge would be sympathetic magic, at least most people believe!

Some of the common myths associated with penis size in Zimbabwe are as follows

  • A persons foot size is an indication of penis size
  • A persons span of hand is an indication of penis size
  • The length of ones palm is an indication of penis size
  • Men with big penis are more likely to father children than those with a small penis

Although I don’t have exact details about how the initiation is done, I am aware that young and tender fruits which are green at that stage are used in the treatment. The sausage tree boasts long, open sprays of large, wrinkled, maroon or dark red trumpet-shaped flowers that are velvety on the inside and that virtually overflow with nectar. The unique fruits look like giant sausages!

Why is penis enlargement necessary? There is stock perception that it gives women pleasure and satisfaction. This has permeated culture shaping attitudes about sex in both sexes.

Juveniles with small endowments are often taunted at bathing places which can lead to psychological damage. Possibly the fact that Shona girls also have their labia enlarged or lengthened is an equal and opposite response to penis enlargement.

It is said that the lengthened labia heighten men’s excitement, through touching and pulling. Belief permeates culture shaping attitudes in both sexes. More research is however necessary to understand the possible links between the two practices.


Source by Tim Mayoyo Adeyemi

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