Reasons For a Computer Slow Down


Many people experience computer slow down and most of them are sick and tired of finding a solution to help them get rid of this problem. Every computer user wants a solution to speed up their computers quickly and at a nominal price. If you have some tips in your mind, it will definitely help because you will have some path to follow. It becomes tough to proceed in the right path if you do not have prior knowledge about the topic.

The space in the hard disk is important for the operating system to work properly. It is always considered a good notion to remove and delete all the obsolete and unnecessary data off your hard disk. More free space ensures that the Windows has ample memory to work with. Windows services also play a vital role in determining the performance of a computer system. Always remember that not every Windows service is needed at all times and most of them are perhaps of no use to a common user. Many services initiate automatically at the startup and slow down the reboot. Hence, the unwanted services should be disabled by going to "Start- Run- msconfig- Startup".

Antivirus programs have always helped many people get rid of problems in their computer systems and eventually speeding up the system. The malicious data in your computer can replicate and add further to your misery. Many viruses force the computers to crash or freeze without any prior warning. The anti-spyware programs are also very effective to improve the performance of computers by eliminating the spyware.

All the above-mentioned problems do contribute towards slowing down of a computer system. However, the major and most prominent problem responsible for slowing down a computer system lies in the registry. This is a place from where all the programs extract the necessary information. To use software or hardware, the processes require important information that is stored in the registry. Sometimes, information in the registry becomes obsolete and bad. It is important to fix all the errors in the registry because all the corrupted data contribute largely to a slowed computer performance. There are a lot of missing links or corrupted files that hinder with the optimum configuration settings of the Windows and therefore make its performance bad. To help with this, registry cleaners can be used that are capable of scanning the whole registry and remove the errors without much ado.


Source by J Saran

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