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With the state of the economy today, most consumers are being forced to be much more frugal. Not many of us can afford to make rash purchases or impulse buys. This is especially true when buying an expensive item like a new mattress. Finding a mattress on sale is the best way to get a quality mattress at a low price. Below is a guide to help you find a good mattress on sale.

1) Mattresses on sale online. Searching for a mattress online is a great idea. First, there is a lot of competition between online retailers that help to ensure that the price remains low. Often, in an attempt to gain your business, these online retailers will even offer free shipping on your purchase. Many of these retailers work with storage spaces that are smaller than those of physical stores.

These retailers can often become “overstocked” and will need to move older units to make room for the newer ones. When this happens, they will runs sales that can greatly reduce the cost of the mattress. Look online for these sales because they are advertised well.

2) Sales to generate revenue. Many retailers, especially larger retailers will run pre scheduled sales to move merchandise and increase their revenue. While they make less on the sale of these mattresses, the loss of income is considered a marketing expense. The discounts can be significant. Plan to shop for a new mattress around certain holidays like Labor Day and Memorial Day because this is when a lot of these sales occur.

3) Bundled sales. A lot of times stores will offer discounts on mattresses if you buy them together with other items. A bundled sale is one that discounts the price of everything that you buy, as long as you buy them all together. For mattresses, bundled sales will often include things like pillows, bed spreads and comforters. You can save a lot on each if you buy them together. A lot of times these sales go unadvertised so ask to speak to a manager to see if it’s possible to get a deal done.


Source by Jennifer Lynn Hanson

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