Protect Yourself From Excess Exposure to VLF and ELF Electromagnetic Fields


Experts have long suggested that prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields can be dangerous to your health. Some of the most common health problems associated with this exposure includes migraines, insomnia, heart disease, cancer and miscarriages.

As early as 1974, a well known epidemiologist released a study showing that electromagnetic fields can be associated with childhood cancers like leukemia, but the debate continues thirty five years later. Despite recent studies in scientific circles that brought this health threat more public attention, there are still some researchers who conclude very-low frequency (VLF) and extremely-low frequency (ELF) fields are harmless.

VLF and ELF Fields

Very low and extremely low frequency fields come from a variety of sources, including cellular phones, power lines, transformers and common household appliances, but only when a person is in very close proximity to these fields do they present any kind of health threat.

All life on earth – even the earth itself – emits an electromagnetic field, but humans have adapted to these fields over time. However, the myriad electromagnetism that exists in today’s electronic world can have an unhealthy effect on most people if not controlled.

How to Control Exposure to Unhealthy Electromagnetic Fields

In order to prevent the negative effects that come from exposure to VLF and ELF electromagnetic fields, and their adverse effects on the heart and central nervous system, scientists have recommended decreasing the amount of time spent within close proximity to many electronic devices

Ever since American and European studies began to document cellular destruction and/or DNA changes in subjects with long-term exposure to ELFs and VLFs, there has been a rush to come up with more effective ways to deal with this issue head-on.

An Effective Shield from Electromagnetic Fields

One proven strategy to shield oneself from the negative effects of electromagnetic fields is to wear a Teslar watch. While most people have never even heard of these watches, one company has been selling them for the past seven years. The Philip Stein watch company uses Teslar technology, in the form of two tiny chips embedded into the case of all their watches. The chips emit a signal that mimics the frequency found in naturally in the Earth – 7.83 Hz. It works with the watch’s battery to create a healthier electromagnetic field around the body of the wearer, one that deflects VLFs and EMFs and keeps the wearer in a calm and peaceful state of mind.

In addition to shielding people from unhealthy electromagnetic energy, the new frequency these watches generate is known to help wearers sleep better, stay relaxed and calm throughout the day, and enjoy an overall sense of well being.

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Source by Susan Peiffer

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