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Based in Franklin, Tennessee, Jamison Bedding offers one of the most comprehensive mattress collections in the world. With a range of mattress types and numerous collections Jamison can meet all your needs, whether you prefer a soft fluffy mattress or a hard orthopedic base to sleep on. You will travel a long way to find somebody who was dissatisfied with a mattress manufactured by this firm.

Jamison Bedding: Product Range

Here is a small selection of the types of mattress that give Jamison Bedding its deserved high reputation:

Connell Coil Spring Mattress Type

A coil spring offers strength and rigidity, and the more steel used in the coil the stronger the spring. Jamison bedding coils contain 15% – 20% more steel in their spring than its competitors. This leads to longer life, less spring noise and more stability while sleeping.

By encasing the coil spring base in top grade recycled foam, and including a number of comfort layers including visco memory foam, and a high quality fabric cover, Jamison uses the Connell spring system in their Arbor collection. It is also used in the single-sided Equalizer mattress, designed for minimum partner disruption, and in the Vita Pedic collection which includes a two-sided mattress designed to relieve pain, improve comfort and manage moisture.

JGel™ Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam conforms to your sleeping shape for maximum comfort. A problem with most such foams is that they do not enable a good flow of air, and tend to become warm which causes sleep disturbance and night sweating. It is never pleasant to wake in the middle of the night covered in sweat, particularly when it’s cold.

For these reasons, the JGel™ foam mattress developed by Jamison Bedding is used exclusively by the firm, and is combined with its novel ventilating and cooling system in the Gelcomfort range to offer a firm bed with 300% more active air flow. This mattress keeps you cool while reducing painful pressure points, a combination that gives you a great night’s sleep on a soft, medium or hard mattress type.

Jamison Smart Coils

Smart coils are specifically designed to neutralize movement from your partner in both single and double-sided mattresses. The coils are connected in the mattress with alternating right and left turning springs, so that movement of one spring is neutralized by the opposite movement of the other.

This enables you to share the bed with a partner without you moving around as they do. With an ordinary mattress, you would be disturbed with each movement made by your partner. This spring system is available in the Jamison Bedding Equalizer and Vita Pedic ranges.

Inner Springs and Pocketed Springs

The springs described above are known as inner springs, where each spring is joined to its neighbors so that when one moves its neighbors will also move. The Cornell coil and Smart coils are this type of spring, although Jamison has reduced the movement to a minimum – in the first case by strengthening the springs, and in the second by alternating the coiling.

A second type of spring is the pocketed spring, where each spring is fixed in its own fabric pocket. In this way, the springs move independently since they are not attached to each other, and movement is restricted to an absolute minimum. Jamison includes the pocketed spring in its Crest collection – the firm’s flagship collection.

General Comments

This company focuses on mattresses that are offered in a range of collections utilizing various types of foam and coil springs. Included in the collection are those above, plus a hypoallergenic Talalay latex mattress suitable for allergy sufferers. The mattresses are well made, and each is very comfortable to lie on.

Each mattress collection is constructed using a combination of comfort layers on a spring or foam support system. For example, the Crest collection consists of a pocketed spring support encased in foam, with layers of comfort foam including Talalay latex and visco memory foam layers. This offers the ultimate in movement isolation between partners. The Equalizer collection consists of a single-sided support system of foam-encased Smart coils covered by comfort layers of convoluted foam in a range of softness grades.

Bedding Review: Conclusion

Jamison Bedding offers an excellent range of mattresses, some based on unique spring systems and comfort layers. They offer excellent value for money, and tend to be less expensive than comparable mattresses. This is largely because they do not have to spend a great deal on advertising: their Marriott hotel contract is a great advert itself.

One thing noticed when compiling this Jamison Bedding review is that the firm uses the same materials as other manufacturers, but of a higher quality. It also pays specific attention to the mattress sides by strengthening them up. The high quality covering fabrics are also a definite plus. Visit a Marriott hotel and you can sleep on it before you choose!


Source by Peter Nisbet

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