Privacy on the Internet


The internet has affected our lives in a very significant way. Because of the internet, the world gained access to information in ways that we could only imagine three decades ago. Virtually anything and everything you need to know can be found in cyberspace. The internet also allowed us to express ourselves and be heard by millions around the world. This technology made our lives so much easier as we can also do our purchasing, banking, and communication through the internet. The internet is a powerful technological tool that changed the way we do things in a lot of ways, a very powerful tool that in the wrong hands can become a very destructive tool as well.

The internet allowed people to reach out across territorial boundaries without leaving the comfort of their own homes. This access to information is both a boon and a bane for internet users. Individuals with criminal intent have started to use the internet to access information as well. There are a large number of talented individuals out there who are very talented in computers and for some of them the temptation is just too great to resist. Stolen information can be worth a lot of money to the right person. The internet became a haven for hackers who use the technology to steal information.

Clever programs were designed and developed just for the purpose of stealing information. For years now criminal elements have been using the internet to steal information like credit card numbers, corporate accounts, and other valuable information. There are programs that were designed to track a specific individual’s activities on the internet. These programs keep track of all websites that you visit, it keeps track of all the things you view, download, upload and all your purchases, it also keeps track of the credit cards numbers that you use, password and all personal information that you give out on the internet. Such information can be used to cause financial harm to people through internet theft. There are those who use the internet to hack into corporate databases and steal information. For these individuals, the internet is a tool that they use to invade another person’s privacy.

Over the years a small number of individuals have been arrested, and convicted for offenses committed on the internet. This is not an easy task for the law because criminal acts committed on the internet are difficult to monitor and it is also difficult to find and arrest these individuals. In the event that these individuals are caught it won’t be that easy to convict them, internet crimes are difficult to prove and there are still a lot of grey areas in the law where internet crimes are concerned. These criminal activities still go on the internet until today. Businesses have began to beef up the security of there systems to protect their clients. Businesses have realized the importance of protecting the information that they have specially information about their clients. However, as these businesses try to protect themselves by beefing up their systems, these criminal elements will come up with clever ideas to beat or circumvent the system. This escalation will continue for a long time. Until then, well just have to be careful of the information we give out over the internet.


Source by Neoko Cortwell

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