How to Create More Time in Your Schedule For the Things That Matter Most – Like Restful Sleep


Being a martyr is something that we tend to grow accustomed to in our lives, whether as a mom, a friend, an employee, etc. Many of us feel that we are doing a good thing by putting other people first, which almost always leads to putting ourselves last. But what we must realize that, through all of our good intentions, we are actually doing a disservice to everyone around us, and most importantly, to ourselves.

With all of the responsibilities that we have in our lives, it might seem funny to even think about being able to get between seven to nine hours of good, solid rest. But, if we stop and think for a moment about how we feel when we are having trouble sleeping, the end result is not that pretty. So, realistically, we are no good to anyone else unless we are good to ourselves.

The experts have spoken, and suggest that getting eight hours of sleep each night will highly increase alertness and stamina. Also, good sleeping habits have shown to improve your health, especially in regards to beautiful skin and healthy organs. If you know that not getting a good night’s sleep is detrimental to your body, why would you not want to make this a top priority?

Start by making a commitment to yourself that sleep is of the utmost importance in your life. That is not to say you have to put your kids, pets and work aside. However, instead of seeing sleep as an interruption, shut out some of the interruptions to your sleep. Pull the shades, listen to some soft music, soak your feet in the tub, or whatever you see fit that helps you to relax at night. Take care of the responsibilities in your life as they present themselves to you, but don’t think unnecessarily and arbitrarily about them when the night falls.

Once you do finally get to sleep, if you are feeling some restlessness during the night, try some alternatives until you finally get to a point where you can fall asleep, and stay asleep, for at least seven hours a night. Many busy people have found the power nap to suffice when they are not getting adequate rest. But, this is not a good habit to get into, as you will feel extra groggy, and eventually all of the tired feelings will catch up with you. A nap can be quite helpful, if you find you are truly having trouble sleeping.

The only way they will truly make an impact is if they do not directly follow a heavy meal, and if they are at least twenty-five minutes long. Yet, doing this every day will still not make up for lost sleep, so take some time for yourself.

So, come on, I know it is hard to get out of that slump that you are in. But, sleeping is not a chore. It is a beautiful thing, in which you get to actually lie your back on something comfortable, while resting your head on something fluffy. Why would you not want to make this an eight-hour part of your day?


Source by Sherry L Harris

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