Prenatal Vitamins – Answers to Eight Frequently Asked Questions

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Although they can never replace healthy eating habits, prenatal vitamins are essential for the pregnant woman.

Below are the answers to eight frequently asked questions asked by women concerning prenatal vitamins.

1). Q: How soon should I start taking pre natal vitamins?

A:. If at all possible, it’s best to begin three months before you even start trying to become pregnant because the egg begins to mature approximately three months before it is released. Proper nutrition is critical during this early stage.

2). Q: Which pre natal vitamins are the most important to take?

A: Research has shown that Folic Acid, Calcium, and Iron are the most essential.

3). Q: Are all the different varieties similar?

A. No. Even though prescription vitamins are regulated by the FDA they are not required to include certain nutrients.

4). Q: Is it okay to take organic or over-the-counter brands?

A). Yes, but make sure they have a USP seal or NSF certification. These organizations monitor the quality of supplements.

5). Q: Should I take any supplements in addition to pre natal vitamins?

A: Most prenatal vitamins don’t contain enough calcium so you will probably want to supplement that.

6). Q: I read somewhere that Iodine is important. Will I need to supplement that also?

A: It shouldn’t be necessary, but always check with your physician before making any decisions.

7). Q: Should Vegetarian’s take additional supplements?

A: Strict Vegetarian’s don’t consume enough protein, which comes from meat, therefore are usually lacking in B12, iron, zinc, and omega3 fatty-acids such as DHA. They need to make sure their prenatal vitamins include these in the ingredients.

8). Q: What should I do if I get morning sickness and can’t hold my pre natal vitamins down?

A: Try taking them at night before bed so you can sleep through any nausea symptoms.

Important nutrients for pregnant women include RDA, Calcium-1000mg, DHA-200 mg, Folic Acid-600 mcg, Iodine-220 mcg, Iron-27 mg, Vitamin B4-1.9 mg, Vitamin B12-2.6 mcg, Vitamin C-80 mg, Vitamin D-200 IU, Vitamin E-15 mg, Zinc-11 mg.


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