Disadvantages of Satellite Internet


The internet is arguably one of the real best blessings that science has given to people. It is used worldwide all-round the world nowadays, and almost everyone uses it every day. One can do just about everything with the internet. Normally, people use the internet for a lot of different things in particular they keep in touch with one another, they can share photos of their lives with people, they chat, they shop, they blog and a lot more.

Satellite internet certainly is the best option especially when one lives in a rural area where broadband; cable or DSL connections are not available. Although, Satellite internet gives the best option by providing internet with higher speed and faster access, but at the same time some awful reviews are also for those people who have used the satellite internet services.

Some of the biggest problems that a subscriber could face will be the rush hour and the policy which is known as Fair Access Policy. Fair Access Policy or the FAP, tends to limit the bandwidth of the daily usage of the internet used by the subscriber. In easy words, the internet connectivity depends rely heavily on the bandwidth that it got. So one should make sure that he would have a discussion with the internet service provider about the FAP plan that he offers before the subscription.

The other problem that the internet user normally faces is the slowness of the internet during the rush hours. It happens when too many users are trying to access the net at the same time.

One of the major disadvantage of the satellite internet is the latency. It normally happens as one knows that the data through the space forward and back in a long distance. At times, the latency frustrate the subscribers when they are playing online games, watching online movies, streaming videos or using voice chat applications. So, to overcome the latency hindrance, users temporarily switch on to normal surfing or typical emailing when accessing with the satellite internet for some time.

Adverse weather conditions also known to affect the internet connectivity. The disturbances during the traveling could easily interrupt the internet connectivity. Raining, snow, high winds and clouds can contribute significantly to interruptions and loss of connectivity.

One of the most common drawbacks of that is also observed is that it is a lot more expensive than the DSL, cable and the other broadband connections that are available. Subscribers have to spend a large amount of the subscription fee at the start up follows by the exceedingly high monthly fees “as well”. Anyhow, regardless of the high prices and the troubles that the subscribers face, satellite internet is by far the best source of the internet which surely give the faster speed access to the internet services when compare to cable, DSL, dial-up and the other broadband services.

It is good to know that with satellite internet or any other type of internet, there are some advantages along with disadvantages. The thing is, one has to get on with it and make the good use of this facility. Mixed reviews were obtained when people were asked about the services that it provides. Keep in mind that at times satellite internet is termed as broadband satellite; however it’s not the case. The reality is, it is far faster than the regular broadband internet.


Source by Victor C Fuentes

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