Mattress Wear Patterns


As mattresses age, the core support begins to degrade causing sagging and reduced comfort. This is a significant cause of back pain and general discomfort during sleep.

Over time, mattresses wear in the center area, generally in the shape of a large clover. Typically, the loads placed on the mattress surface results in weakening of the springs and the support material on either side of the springs. The sag is not always visually evident, but, the concavity becomes much more apparent when weight is applied – like a person. Different size mattresses tend to wear in very different patterns, depending on the width of the mattress and number of people sleeping on the surface. Read on to discover typical wear patterns of different sized mattresses and how the Mattress Remedy is designed to effectively combat each unique problem.

Twin Size Mattress Wear: Twin size mattresses wear in a simple pattern. Since the twin bed supports one person, generally in the center of the mattress. Wear starts in the middle, concentrated where the hips are, and progresses to where it affects back support and overall sleep quality and body comfort. The Contour Mattress Remedy is very effective at reducing this sag. Based on recent trials, the twin mattress can actually become extremely supportive, even to the extent of hyper-elevating the middle area which is much more comfortable for stomach sleepers. The level of support varies by individual preference and is controlled by an adjustable valve on the side of the unit. From the mattress side view, as the Mattress remedy is inflated, you can easily see the transformation and improved support of the spine.

Full and Queen Size mattress Wear: In Full and Queen sized mattresses, the wear pattern generally starts on either side of the center line, where people tend to sleep (assuming two people in the bed). Initially, there are two locations of the sag. However, as the wear progresses, the two depressed areas combine to form one, larger depression. The reduced support in this area is evident, resulting in sore back and hips and an overall poor sleep experience. An additional problem occurs as two people using the bed tend to roll toward the middle and interfere with each others sleep. It becomes very difficult to maintain respective positions on each side of the mattress.

For the Full and Queen sized bed, the Mattress Remedy is designed in one larger size to solve this specific wear pattern. Support is restored and people can sleep with improved spine alignment, plus stay in their respective and desired separate. Quality of sleep is improved.

King Size Mattress Wear: Mattress wear in a King size bed is different as well. The king size wear patterns (sagging) typically are located in two distinct areas of the mattress, matching the sleeping patterns of two people. The wear pattern is similar to that of two twin size beds. This is due to the larger size of the king mattress and the tendency of people to maintain their separate locations even though support is diminishing. For this reason, the King size Mattress Remedy is designed with two separate support units, linked with one inflation device. Proper support is restored to the sagging areas, providing a vastly improved sleep experience. As an added benefit, two control valves allow each person to adjust the support and comfort level of their side of the mattress. This feature allows one side of the mattress to be firmer or softer than the other. It solves many problems that couples have with mattresses.

Research has shown that even new mattresses can begin to sag in only six months. The Mattress Remedy will extend the life of currently owned mattresses by restoring support capability and dramatically improving back support. Eliminating mattress sag will also reduce tossing and turning, proving more restful sleep. The Mattress remedy can be purchased at and at retail stores nationwide.


Source by Jeff Conklin

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