Is PC Tattletale Really That Good?

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One of the greatest parental control softwares you could possibly find online is PC Tattletale. If you have heard about this software and wondering whether or not it is so good as everybody else claims, this article is written to set you free. In this article, you are going to discover how it can protect your family from pedophiles and visiting various unintended websites. At the end of this article, you will bring home with you something to think about for your children’s sake.

The first reason why PC Tattletale is so good in the eyes of so many parents is that it monitors the entire moves from offline to online of what your children are doing. It does not matter if your 14-year-old girl is doing her high school project with a Ms Word or talking to someone who is very flirting in the chatroom on the Internet, you will be able to track without having you standing besides her. With this piece of software, users have not only filtered and monitored the unintended websites for their children but also chatroom conversations, email conversations, MySpace and Facebook network of friends, track their username and password and the screenshots they have used. In addition, you would need to enter a password which is only available to the person who originally installed the software in the computer. with this, your children will not be able to uninstall or remove the software without a password in their hand.

The second works a little bit like spying and not many parents would prefer this kind of method. Once PC Tattletale is installed in your computer, the user will not be able to tell the difference and your children will only use the computer as usual, as if no new program has been installed. It will not appear on the program list, launch icon and not even desktop. As it takes about 20MB to install the software, it will never affect the performance of your computer and it will only run as smooth as it has always been. With this, you can always keep track on what your children are doing without them knowing about it. However, you will need to be careful as parents because when this is not done properly, it will do damage to the relationship between you and your children. Some parents openly tell their children that they are monitoring their moves online for good purposes and their children take it positively.

Understood the fact that there will not be only one but two personal computers in a family, PC Tattletale is also developed in such a way that allows the software to be installed in two different personal softwares with the activation key provided. However, if each of the personal computers in your home has got multiple users are using it, the software will have no problem monitoring the moves of all the different users. When you have that, you can be sure of whichever of your children in your family is sliding away from doing the right thing, you can always know when it is the right time to deal with them.

Now that you already know what are some of the reasons people chose PC Tattletale over so many other parental control software for online activities. If you are a parent and you always want to protect your kids from all these pedophiles from all around the world, then this is the least you can do for your children. Likewise, many parents are already concerned about what their children are up to and this is one of the best ways for them to monitor their children.


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