Is a Latex Mattress Too Hot When You Live in the Tropics?


One of the things you need to consider when choosing a mattress is the ability of the mattress to dissipate heat. If it cannot do that, it may get too warm during hot and humid seasons.

Latex mattress has been deemed as the most breathable out of all the mattresses which is why it is a type of mattress recommended for those living in tropical countries with extended summer seasons.

Let me tell you more about the construction of this mattress. The main material of this mattress is rubber tree sap. The sap creates a very durable foam that can withstand wears and tears.

What is unique to this mattress is its pincore holes. These holes allow air to flow in the mattress and out seamlessly. Not all latex mattress have the same pincore holes sizes. Some have smaller and others have bigger sizes.

Sleep experts say that those with larger pincore sizes are better. It regulates mattress temperature better as hot air is not trapped inside the mattress. This is why it is an ideal mattress to use whether it be a 2-seasoned country or a 4-seasoned country. It keeps you refreshingly cool during summer and comfortably warm during winter.

Another advantage of these pincore holes is its ability to conform to the body. Memory foam mattresses allegedly take the cake when it comes to body conforming. However, latex give them a run for their money due to the pincore hole structure. The holes support the crucial areas of the body like the neck, spine and hips and gets rid of body aches and pains.

The efficiency of latex as a mattress has often been pitted against memory foam, them being spring-free mattresses. However, when it comes to temperature regulation, latex stands out. Memory foam mattress only has solid layers of foam inside and this do not allow air to dissipate in the mattress. Consumers complain that when they use this mattress during the winter, it tends to feel a little cold. It follows room temperature, that is why.

Also, latex reduces that appearance of allergies that is more common during the hot seasons. Sometimes, these allergies are instigated by your skin being drenched in your own seat when you sleep on the mattress.

Latex mattress is a good choice for everyone especially to those living in tropical countries. So start searching for your own now and get a comfortable and relaxed sleep.


Source by Zach Smith

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